Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visit from G, G & K

A few weeks ago Reid's mom, dad and sister came for a long-weekend visit. We had such a great time with them. I always look so forward to their visits. Not just because it forces me to clean my house, (which I put off until the LAST minute every single time!)but because they keep my kids completely happy and entertained when they're here, because it's so fun to visit with them, and because they are so much help when they come.

For example...

Grandma and Karen, who are master organizers, helped me get some frames up on my wall, helped clean out my van, watched my kids while i went to the gym, constantly were picking up toys/clothes/clutter, did the dishes, went to Costco with me, organized our kid's craft area, and helped me make this cute little thing to hang all of the girls' bows (of course i still haven't hung it up on the wall yet...)
Grandpa never stopped working the whole time he was here. He spent hours breathing in insulation in our hot attic as he fixed our bathroom fan. He walked to Home Depot with Grace to get parts, multiple times. He fixed our other bathroom fan, our toy chest, our grill handle, and other things I can't even remember right now. The last night they were here, he was all out of projects so he cleaned the whole kitchen. This man is such a hard worker!! And when he's not working he's playing with the girls.

Eliza LOVED having Grandpa here. She worked that man for food every chance she got. She'd grunt, and he'd feed her. She'd grunt, he'd feed her some more. They both loved it. Her distended belly was the only thing that eventually stopped the feeding frenzies.

Eliza also loved this little "car" that Grandma made out of a box. She was giggling up a storm. And Eliza was laughing, too.

We spent the evenings talking, watching cute movies, and just generally catching up. One evening we decorated this cute little Halloween ginger-bread house. This was the first year that Grace has been interested in this sort of thing, and it was really, really fun! And although we adults were deterred from eating the candy by the fact that i'd purchased this about a year ago on clearance--Grace and Abby didn't let that stop them.
It turned out pretty cute, and i was even a little bit sad to toss it this morning...i dare say this is the first Halloween anything that i've gotten sentimental over! Grandma is a pro-gingerbread house maker--i don't think that thing would've stayed together without her skills--thank, Grandma!

As always, their visit was wonderful, too short and left us looking forward to the next one! we LOVE you, Grandma, Grandpa and Karen!!

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merathon said...

whoa-- you guys have a TON of bows! my girls aren't so much into bows, just small barrettes and lots of headbands (and emery won't let me put ANYTHING in her hair). did you make all your own bows?