Tuesday, November 10, 2009

something i never want to forget

Eliza has spent the majority of her crawling life with shoes (namely crocs, but not always) on her hands. Given our tendency to....um....not put things away? she never really had to look far to find a new pair. I literally could have taken hundred of pictures of her like this.

It's a good thing I think she's so cute...'cause that girl has got a "strong personality"--as the people behind us in church put it the other day :) She's the sassiest, loudest, most stubborn and temperamental lil' thing I've ever seen. But I love her guts. Can't even help it.


Denita said...

Or maybe she's already a germ-o-phobe? ;-) I know how you feel... I just asked Drew yesterday "Why do I love you so much when you are such a pain??"

Adrie said...

Emily, this is really cute! I love how kids' personalities are evident, even when they are so young :) Maybe Eliza will be a shoe designer one day!

Family of 5 said...

I have been enjoying all of your posts Emily. Eliza is so cute, she looks different from your other two though.
And I know what you mean about "you just can't help but love them!" I think the same thing everyday about my 2 year old!