Sunday, November 8, 2009

I love this girl

I, along with almost everyone else who knows her, have been noticing that over the past 2 or 3 months Grace is really growing up and changing. She's overcoming her debilitating shyness. She's cooperating when she's asked to do things. She's "pushing buttons" less and less. She's "asking" for negative attention less and less..and I'm enjoying being her mom more than ever.
Five months ago when the 4-11 year olds from church stood up front during church and sang a Mother's day song, Grace completely freaked out and wouldn't even consider doing it.
Today, during the children's Primary Program, Grace stood in front of our entire congregation (along with all the other kids) and sang all the songs, and even spoke her one little line into the microphone. We'd been rehearsing all week, and she was as prepared as possible--but that's never mattered in the past. Months ago she would have followed the lead of the two kids before her who completely froze up and couldn't say their lines. But not today--she spoke clearly and perfectly and said "I can strengthen my family by saying my prayers" right into the microphone. Reid and I literally got teary.
People have been telling me for over 2 years that she'd grow out of this. It's taken me until just recently to really believe it.
Granted, she has her setbacks. For example, when Reid's parents were here she was quick to tears, and acted out quite a bit. As with all kids, certain kinds of attention (e.g. adoring grandparents and aunt) unfortunately bring out the worst in her. But even that is something that she's overcoming.
She has the kindest heart you'll ever see in a 4-year-old. She loves her sisters so much. She has recently fallen in love with knock-knock jokes. And she wants to know how to spell everything (and what everything spells). She's still so good at entertaining herself, and her sisters. She loves to play pretend. She's constantly hungry (I am not exaggerating--it's constant!!) And she loves, loves, loves clothes--she goes through 3-7 outfits/day.
She's a great oldest-child. She's very aware of the influence her example has on her sisters (mostly Abby), she's very responsible and is really good at listening to her conscience. Once she really understands why something is right or wrong, she's very good at choosing what is right.
I'm so glad she's in our family. I love her a million times more than the day she was born. And that was something I didn't think was possible.
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merathon said...

that's so great. i loved being able to meet little grace (well, obviously it wasn't the first time meeting her but since she's much different than when she was barely a year old, it felt like the first meeting)! she's such a sweetheart. i love proud parent moments like that. i still tear up every time my kids sing in church!

Marie said...

I am so proud of you Grace! That is a scary thing to speak in front of so many people. You are awesome!
Grandma Re

Just Us said...

Aw that's so awesome. It's so funny, Grace and Alayna seem so alike to me. She too is extremely shy. I'm not sure Alayna's anywhere near getting over it though. Yesterday was also our primary program and the same thing happened! My heart was about to burst I was so proud. It will be sad to have them in kindergarten next year huh?

Reid said...

I love you, Grace!!