Thursday, February 21, 2008

they say that most accidents...

happen within the home.

Due August 23rd

I could write a novel about how i have felt physically, how i feel emotionally, how we found out, how much this explains, how freaked out i am--and maybe i will later. but for now i just need to get the news out there. I'm 14 weeks now, and fighting getting out my maternity clothes that i swear i JUST BARELY put away!!!! I've gone from scared, to mad, to depressed, to happy--which is where i am now, finally.

The thing is, I had this plan. It was the 4 year plan. 4 years between Abby and the next baby. Well, God laughed at my plan... :)

oh, and reid and i DO intend to enroll in the local 7th grade health class. We're missing something....obviously.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you guys newlyweds???

Two days after reid got back from his 7 day business trip to Belgium, he had to leave to attend a conference in San Fran. the thought of him there, and me here.....alone.....with the girls......again....was just too much! so we did it! we got me a ticket to SF and we finally had our very first post-children get-a-way! it was short, but it was AWESOME!!!

I flew out Friday afternoon, shopped for a few hours while his conference wrapped up (they have an H&M!!) and then met up with Reid for dinner. We had the best 36 hours of our lives!!!! and i guess it showed cause people kept asking us if we were newlyweds--i know, i know, how cute, huh?!?! we kinda felt like it, too!

San Fran is beautiful!! I'd never been there, and had always wanted to. We saw just about everything we wanted to, and had time to relax, and sleep-in, too!! If only it could have lasted longer...(but who can afford to pay a babysitter for more than 2 days!?!?! These are the moments we wish we lived near family....)

here are a few pics

Here we are on the crooked Lombard Street (you have to click on it to see the street...)

Loved, loved, LOVED the trolley!!!

Can you see the seals behind our huge heads?
Anyone who's been to Pier 39 knows these very seals...

Coit Tower - 409 steps total

excited to climb the steps - step #1

Wondering how much longer we've got - step #203

nearly dead, burning thighs, huge regrets - step #360

Glad i did it....LOVED the (foggy and rainy) view from the top
of the tower!!!

So, for any of you wondering if you need a get-a-way....just DO IT!!!! best thing ever!!!!