Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love me a good cause...

Remember back in July when I went with my 2 sisters to go visit our oldest sister and we had an awesome garage sale that raised tons of money for Cynthia?  My dad also was able to sell my mom's church organ and raise some more for Cynthia.  And all of this was so that she could rent, for one month, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to see if it would benefit her.  Well, this last month we finally rented the (insanely expensive) chamber.  And you know what????  it actually worked for her!  Not only is she feeling better, thinking more clearly, speaking more clearly, and retaining more in her short-term memory, but for the first time in years she's able to move her legs and feet!  This is more than any of us had anticipated, and after seeing these results, all of her siblings have decided to help raise the $$$ necessary to buy this chamber for her.

Fortunately, most of the $1900 it cost to rent the chamber will go toward the purchase.  Unfortunately, the total cost of the chamber is nearly $10,000!!  and that's for a used one!

But, we're all making efforts in our own ways to help raise the money, and one of my ways is making and selling my nursing aprons.  I designed this apron about 2.5 years ago when one of my dear friends, Kristin, mentioned that she'd like something with a little more "coverage" than the rectangular ones she'd seen.  So, that's just what i did, and--if i do say so myself--they're awesome!  I've made about 7 or 8 of them, and all of my friends/family who own one have loved it! (and should probably leave a comment stating such)

I only have time to make six of these between now and Dec 1, and i've already received 4 orders.  So, i've got room in my lil' schedule for 2 more.  You pick the fabric.  You pick the trim (optional).  I do the rest....except the nursing--you do that, too.


ALSO....i've got some Papa Murphy's coupon cards that I'm selling for $10 a piece.  they have 8 coupon stickers on the back, and one of them is a buy-one-get-one--you get your money's worth right there!!  Their take'n'bake pizzas are the best out there!  (and seriously, even if you're a meat-lover, you gotta try their gourment veggie...yummmm)

ALSO....my sister-in-law was in town last weekend and she and I (well, mostly she) crocheted/knitted some really cute hats and lil' flowers that i'm selling for $18/hat and $4/flower.  Here's a photo of three of the hats.  I could make these in just about any color and any size...

ALSO...Reid and I hosted our very first Poker night last weekend--we played with the donations, which all went to Cynthia.  I have insanely generous friends who brought us $220 closer to our goal.  And we had so much fun doing it!! If anyone in the Denver area is reading this and thinking how much they'd LOVE a night of guilt-free poker, just lemme know!  we'd gladly do it again...even though it was proven very early on in the night that Reid and I's gots no pokah skills...
 the "winners" table
 And the "winner!!"
(it should be noted that she arrived that night not knowing a "shovel" from a "clover" and had never heard of a full-house or flush.  It was awesome watching her clean house!!!!)

ALSO....my sister, Julia, has designed this amazingly cute Christmas card and is selling them for $6/piece--lemme know if you want to order some!

(trees are on the front, the message is on the inside)

Until recently I kinda thought that everyone loved this kinda thing--since, you know, I do!  But, after talking with more people, i'm realizing that some people hate it.  It makes them feel weird, or uncomfortable or guilty--and they just wish all fund-raising would disappear.  If you are one of those people, I am sorry to have added to that--and please don't feel bad if you just ignore this post and go on to the next interesting thing in your Google Reader! 

If, however, you are in need of a cute winter hat for a gift for your niece, a free pizza, greeting cards, or a nursing apron for a friend, and you don't feel weird buying any of those from me in this fund-raising effort, then just please leave me a comment and let me know what you want and when ya want it!

San Diego photos

Oh, how i love these lovelies...

We had so much fun on our little get-a-way.  As usual, Reid was completely willing to stay with the girls (and, as usual, managed to take them swimming, to the park, library, zoo, etc AND keep the house clean, do the laundry, read to them, play games....no wonder they love having him around!)

We (well, not me, but they) decided it'd be funny to have random photos of us jumping off of things.  I am, apparently, not a jumper. This first one is, if i may say so, my best jump.  My friends, however, have been practicing this sort of jumping for years.  I mean, look at them!  And then look at me!!

I am not even off the ground yet, and two of them are flying out of the photo!!  At least Kristin is with me in lots of these :)

These photos don't really do much justice to how fun and care-free and crazy the whole trip was....but i'm a bit embarrassed to post the photos that do :)

Thank you, ladies, for such a great weekend.  I love you all!!!