Tuesday, November 16, 2010

San Diego photos

Oh, how i love these lovelies...

We had so much fun on our little get-a-way.  As usual, Reid was completely willing to stay with the girls (and, as usual, managed to take them swimming, to the park, library, zoo, etc AND keep the house clean, do the laundry, read to them, play games....no wonder they love having him around!)

We (well, not me, but they) decided it'd be funny to have random photos of us jumping off of things.  I am, apparently, not a jumper. This first one is, if i may say so, my best jump.  My friends, however, have been practicing this sort of jumping for years.  I mean, look at them!  And then look at me!!

I am not even off the ground yet, and two of them are flying out of the photo!!  At least Kristin is with me in lots of these :)

These photos don't really do much justice to how fun and care-free and crazy the whole trip was....but i'm a bit embarrassed to post the photos that do :)

Thank you, ladies, for such a great weekend.  I love you all!!!

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Melissa said...

What do I do to have a weekend like that? I need one of those. Will you go with me? I am so glad that you have an amazing husband that would watch your girls for you. He sounds like a fun dad.
Hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving!