Monday, March 31, 2008

two's company...

Three's a house full of estrogen, curling irons, training bras, hairspray, princess shoes, pink everything, bins of hair accessories and nail polish, frequent flyer miles with Tampax, gallons of Drano, drama, drama, and more drama!

(She's a real lady--thus the crossed legs)

When the Dr. told Grace she'd have a new little sister she exclaimed "I can't wait!!!" The Dr and the resident both just about died--it was SOOO sincere and sooooo cute!

I think most people we've told today assume we're disappointed, but really, the fact that she has a healthy heart, all her limbs, an Allred head and isn't accompanied by a twin sister- that's really all that matters!

We'll have our 3 girls, and we're really getting excited about it! Grace and Abby are best friends. They play so well together, and have since the day Abby learned to move on her own. And although they have their battles, the times that they play together make it all worth it. And I really look forward to seeing my three girls play together, fight together, go to ballet class together, be in high school together...okay, i'm getting a little ahead of myself--just a coping strategy.

The truth is I'm completely freaked out. It's funny to talk to people about having more kids, and they tell me how they're "waiting" cause they don't feel "ready" or don't think they could "handle it right now." ahhhhhh, i remember saying such things not long ago.... But, ready or not, we're doing it. And i'm surrounded by AMAZING moms who inspire me to be a better mom and with much help from above I might manage to be a decent mom who doesn't get reported to child services :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008


In light of a few cute moments I had this weekend with Grace, I thought I'd take a crack at posting tonight.

Yesterday (Saturday) was beautiful--70 degrees and blue skies--so Grace and I went to the park while Emily and Abby napped. (As a side note, we woke up to a blizzard this morning. There are now 5 inches of snow on the ground.) Grace had me push her on the swings, climb up the jungle gym, slide down the slide, lay on the grass, look up at the sky and clouds, and run around with her. At one point, I was swinging with Grace lying on my lap; she was "welaxing" with her eyes closed. After a few minutes, she looked back at me and asked, "Are you okay back there Dad?" I ask her the same thing when I'm driving and she and Abby are in their car seats. Later, when we were lying down on the grass, she looked over at me, placed her hand on my arm and said, "Dad, I'm so proud of you." Neither Emily nor I know exactly where that came from, but it was cute.

After work on Friday, Emily and the girls picked me up from the light rail station so we could go to a Cub Scout banquet. I dropped off Emily and Abby at the church and took Grace (who was asleep) to the store to get some ice cream for the party. When we go to the store Grace woke up. She was groggy and confused, so I explained what had happened since she had fallen asleep and what we were doing. When I took her out of her seat, she snuggled in my arms, squeezed me tight, and with her face in my shoulder, said "I love you Daddy." What more could a guy ask for?