Friday, February 27, 2009

Save me some time here, please!!

I have absolutely no clue what's going on in the world of politics lately. I haven't watched the news or read for over a month. That said, i'm gathering from emails i get, etc, that the very people who were just LOVING all the bailouts and stimulus packages of '08 are now opposing them. Please tell me it's not just cause it's a new guy handing out the cash. Can anyone give me an UNBIASED answer as to what's going on? i'd try to google it, but i've got 2 poopy diapers to change, 3 girls to feed and really just want someone to spell it out for me. Anybody?

(if you're one of those people who's insanely one-sided--either saide-- and doesn't use the term "oh, i can see where they're coming from" at least once in every political conversation, then probably I don't want to read your comment (: )

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What to get for the girl who has everything...

Maryn, one of Grace and Abby's good friends, had her 3rd birthday party last week. This girl has got a Super-grandma who just adores her and flowers her with gifts for every occasion. Afraid that I'd get her a repeat of something she's already got, (and continuing with my anti-consumerism kick) so i figured i'd do better to go practical...and original. And, since i like to do things that make my life even crazier, and keep me up until 2am so that I have an excuse to be cranky the next day, i thought i'd take on a little sewing project. I think they turned out pretty cute.

I was hoping to get really great pictures of them, but the wind was blowing and my girls were crying, so just imagine that these pictures turned out awesome...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We've had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. Not because we did much that was Valentine-y, but because we had a short but very sweet visit from Reid's dad, sent some sweet Valentine's packages to people we love, and because it's Sunday night and my long weekend ain't over!!! Reid's working from home tomorrow which means i get to see him sporadically throughout the day--which I'll take ANY day!

I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the fun things we did, the little Valentine's we made for Grace's preschool, etc. I'm so intimidated by my new camera that i hardly use it--something i've got to get over quickly!! I tried to get a cute picture of my girls all in pink/red--but either Abby's was coughing, Eliza was crying, or Grace was just done. These sadly enough, are the best ones i got--even with my super-dooper fast camera!

Saturday morning we attempted to make heart-shaped fried eggs with heart-shaped toast. It didn't' turn out, but at least the pancakes did.

Grandpa had so much fun with these girls, and they could NOT get enough of him! They came running into my room this morning (this is a bit of a ritual, which usually leads to a little cuddle time in bed...which i LOVE) and, realizing that Grandpa wasn't here, Abby sadly asked "ode bankah go?" (translate: where'd Grandpa go?). He's so playful with them, and takes them for walks, gets them ice cream--you know, the typical super-grandpa things! No wonder so many of you people live near your kids' grandparents! This is one of those days when I'm wishing we did, too....

And, just cause i CANNOT get enough of this little girl (who, i might add, really DOES seem to be chunking up a bit now that she's on solids--yipee!!) here are some Eliza pics

This will make you smile

I don't ever watch any of the videos that any of my friends post of their kids. I admit it, I don't. And I expect the same here. In fact, I'm truly hoping that no one but family watches this because of the absolute MESS that my house is in the background. My family is well aware of this non-strength of mine...but I'm not sure i'm ready for the rest of you to see it.

So, Grandmas and Grandpas, here's a little something to sweeten up your Valentine's weekend.

Who knew a $.99 tape measure from Hobby Lobby could make for such a priceless moment?!?!?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

fats--the good kind

It is no small secret that Reid and I make fat babies. With Grace and Abby we never saw any numbers that weren't in the 90% range (excepting, of course, Grace's head which was in the 130th percentile) --and i LOVED it! I love, love LOVE chubby babies. I always swore that if i had a skinny baby I'd send her back!
Well, I've had to eat my words. At her 2 month appt Eliza's weight was about 60th percentile. I was borderline depressed. I feed her 2-3 times more a day than i fed her sisters--how can she be skinny? And then at her 4 month appt (which happened right before she turned 5 months) she'd dropped to 30th percentile!!!!! How can this be happening to me?!?!?!? What happened to my "magic milk"!?!?! All those years of feeling sorry for moms that didn't have chubby babies have come back to kick me in the butt!!!

Here's skinny lil' Eliza. I know by some standards she ain't skinny, but to me, she looks like a bird when compared to this: my little chunky abby--LOVE this picture of her! makes me giggle every time!

and my chubby Grace
I immediately came home from that Dr.'s visit and started forcing solids into her mouth. She's been showing signs of being ready for a while now, so i was sure it'd be a success. WRONG! She HATED the cereal! Was I wrong? is she not ready? I started to have panic attacks with visions of a picky eater refusing to eat all the crazy veggies and funky whole grains i make my family eat--which, up to this point, i've never had to deal with!
But last night i was reading about baby food, and decided to try what many are claiming to be the "perfect first baby food" because of it's fat, iron and fiber content, not to mention its texture and TASTE--an avocado! Eliza absolutely loved it! I realized today that she was ready for solids, i was just giving her the wrong solids! it was nothing like the first time I fed Abby and Grace cereal, which, even though they liked, 80% of the cereal would come back out with each bite. Eliza was swallowing almost all of the spoonful! And she kicked and squealed cause she wanted more! (Ironically enough, avocados are one of 4 or 5 foods that Grace has never liked) And the best part is that what she didn't eat, I (salted a bit and) got to finish off!
So, now i just need to know how many avocados i'm gonna have to shove down her throat to get some rolls on those skinny little arms!! I think the 5-6 spoonfuls i had today took care of me :)
Note: don't get me wrong, i'm not planning on skipping baby cereals at all--i'm just a bit more optimistic overall about her potential eating habits. And this is just one of a billion experiences i've had that's reminded me that ALL kids are very different, even those from the very same parents!!

Having my privacy

Grace is getting to the age where she understands the concept of privacy, and i think it's the cutest thing in the world. She used to just invite the whole world in when she was potty training, but slowly she's started to want to keep the door closed. She's beginning to understand that there are some things that aren't for the whole world.

I'm feelin' the same way . . . about my blog. So, if you read this, and want to keep reading it, here's your chance to let me know. (If you're on my sidebar, you'll obviously get an invite) And if you're one of the many strangers who's felt inclined to leave a comment on my blog and completely freak me out--well, I'm closing my door on YOU!!! I'm having my privacy!!!!

My #1 purpose with this blog is to be able to write whatever i want, whenever i want--so that my kids know who i was when they were little, so that I will know who i was when they were little, and to help my ever-failing memory recall these precious years. There have been too many things I've wanted to write about lately and pictures I've wanted to post, but i haven't--only because I'm never 100% sure who's reading this. And the only thing that's been keeping me from doing this is knowing how (not) often i check my friends' blogs who are already having their privacy. i fear the same future for my blog . . . but I'm quickly getting over it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

it's gonna be a loooooong night

Grace is lying on the couch right now (10pm) after puking her guts out. Eliza is fussing in my lap, wide awake after i thought i'd put her down for the night. She fell out of her bumbo today-- which was a total of 6 inches to the ground--and has been fussy, on and off, ever since. How concerned should i be? If she were my first we'd already be back from the ER...but 6 inches--how can that have done any damage???
Abby is up kicking the wall through the slats of her crib. She almost never goes to sleep before 10 now a days, but she always goes "down" with Grace at 8...and she talks, and talks, and talks. I'm hoping she doesn't puke tonight...but i'm positive she'll get this bug, too, since she finished the cookie that Grace didn't for family night tonight. The worst part of it all is that we had some friends over tonight, too. People should just avoid us from Jan-March--we're bad news!!