Sunday, February 15, 2009


We've had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. Not because we did much that was Valentine-y, but because we had a short but very sweet visit from Reid's dad, sent some sweet Valentine's packages to people we love, and because it's Sunday night and my long weekend ain't over!!! Reid's working from home tomorrow which means i get to see him sporadically throughout the day--which I'll take ANY day!

I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the fun things we did, the little Valentine's we made for Grace's preschool, etc. I'm so intimidated by my new camera that i hardly use it--something i've got to get over quickly!! I tried to get a cute picture of my girls all in pink/red--but either Abby's was coughing, Eliza was crying, or Grace was just done. These sadly enough, are the best ones i got--even with my super-dooper fast camera!

Saturday morning we attempted to make heart-shaped fried eggs with heart-shaped toast. It didn't' turn out, but at least the pancakes did.

Grandpa had so much fun with these girls, and they could NOT get enough of him! They came running into my room this morning (this is a bit of a ritual, which usually leads to a little cuddle time in bed...which i LOVE) and, realizing that Grandpa wasn't here, Abby sadly asked "ode bankah go?" (translate: where'd Grandpa go?). He's so playful with them, and takes them for walks, gets them ice cream--you know, the typical super-grandpa things! No wonder so many of you people live near your kids' grandparents! This is one of those days when I'm wishing we did, too....

And, just cause i CANNOT get enough of this little girl (who, i might add, really DOES seem to be chunking up a bit now that she's on solids--yipee!!) here are some Eliza pics


Nathan said...

I didn't know Mike was coming up! How fun.

Emily Alexander said...

What a fun weekend! My dad visited us for a day 2 weekends ago and it was wonderful too! The kids were so happy. Also, your girls are so adorable!

Zarbock family said...

oh, they are so stinkin' cute. I feel like I say that every time I leave a comment....but really, they are super cute, that's all there is to it! And, I love the video with the measuring tape. How funny is that!!! I feel the same way about my messy house....every picture I take i'm trying to crop out all the clutter around...I admit that some days i'm in denial of how messy it is! love you!