Friday, February 27, 2009

Save me some time here, please!!

I have absolutely no clue what's going on in the world of politics lately. I haven't watched the news or read for over a month. That said, i'm gathering from emails i get, etc, that the very people who were just LOVING all the bailouts and stimulus packages of '08 are now opposing them. Please tell me it's not just cause it's a new guy handing out the cash. Can anyone give me an UNBIASED answer as to what's going on? i'd try to google it, but i've got 2 poopy diapers to change, 3 girls to feed and really just want someone to spell it out for me. Anybody?

(if you're one of those people who's insanely one-sided--either saide-- and doesn't use the term "oh, i can see where they're coming from" at least once in every political conversation, then probably I don't want to read your comment (: )


Reid said...

Not all of us are as open minded as you . . . :-)

Unfortunately, as you know, I'm just as clueless as you are. "Politics as usual" is my guess.

Jayme said...

Hey Emily!! I will give you my opinion, but just to be fair I am ultra conservative and pretty much disagree with all things “Obama.” But I do have to listen to Max talk about this stuff all the time and I am obsessed with watching CNBC, so I will give you my understanding of the situation and try to be fair. :)

The stimulus last Spring was basically a waste of money, in my opinion. It gave the economy a little pop by giving people money to spend, but it didn’t really have any lasting effects. In September the banking system was basically on the verge of collapse, along with the rest of the financial world. The bailout in September was to prevent The Great Depression from happening again and to ensure there wasn’t a run on the banks. A LOT of people didn’t agree with the bailout then, but most agreed it was necessary.

The bailouts and stimulus under Obama are causing a lot of anger for a couple of reasons. The stimulus package is actually an $800 billion spending package that is, in my opinion, a quick way for the democrats to put in the programs that they haven’t been able to pass for the past 8 years. For example, Nancy Pelosi said that one of the ways to control the economic crisis was to control the population. So originally included in the stimulus bill was hundreds of millions of dollars for family planning, birth control, etc. Also, Obama, Pelosi and Reid were so anxious to push the stimulus bill through that none of the congressmen were even given an opportunity to read it in its entirety.

There is also a housing bill that is causing a lot of anger. I don’t understand all of it, but I think the basic idea is that the taxpayers will start picking up the tab for the mortgages that people got in to, but couldn’t afford so that foreclosures will be prevented. If you want an interesting take on this, look up Rick Santelli’s rant on YouTube.

Obama is currently waging war on the American Taxpayers in order to pay for these programs. Even the $13 a week that is supposed to be a tax break is going to be taxed. It’s really going to make the economy worse and all of this unnecessary spending from the past month is going to cause a lot of problems for us once the economy does turn around.

Whew, that was long. If you want a really good explanation of everything you should talk to Max. He is obsessed with it and is a probably a lot more fair than I am. :)

emilyaaa said...

thanks, jayme! i now know that there is SO MUCH about this that i'm completely cluesless about...maybe i should pick up a newspaper once in a while! I was completely opposed to the bank bailouts, but like most others, i realized that they were kind of a necessary evil. That still didn't make me feel any beter as i watched fiscally irresponsible companies be rewarded for their bad behaviors, ceo's getting their bonuses (remember back in the day when a "bonus" was something you only got when the company had a really good year?!?!?!). And it still breaks my heart to see smaller companies that had avoided debt and paid their fees be forced to close down.

Anyway, i guess no one knows exactly what the best solution would be...besides the obvious--getting a bunch of mormon women to take charge of this country's finances!! if that wouldn't get us in line fiscally than i don't know what would!!!