Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our weekend get-a-way to Rocky Mtn Natl Park/Estes Park

After enough begging I convinced Reid to take us all up to Estes Park for the weekend. It was a BLAST!! it's this cute little resort town just on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park. We honestly had so much fun! Usually "family vacation" means go to Star Valley or Provo and stay with family, so this was a perfect little get-a-way for us.

The Rocky Mountains were AMAZING! and the colors of the Aspen trees were honestly like nothing i've ever seen before! i thought after leaving Boston that i'd never enjoy another fall again, but we caught these trees on their PEAK day, and it was honestly almost as gorgeous as fall in the east....almost!

Grace and Abby were awesome travelers, especially considering the lack of sleep that was going on! the hotel was GHETTO! the mating Elk were, well, mating. The homemade toffee and truffles were delish. But, as cheesy as it's going to sound, the absolute best part of the whole weekend was being with Reid. We honestly had so much fun just being together. thanks, hon!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My tumbling weed

Grace's 8-week tumbling class just came to an end. Sigh...

She had so much fun walking on the balance beam...

Swinging on the bar...

Jumping on the trampoline...

And learning how to hold a bowling ball and point her toes simultaneously.

But her favorite thing was the stamp that she got on her hand at the end of each class. Isn't that cute? I spend $45 so that my child could get a stamp on her hand. It's like when we plan a fun trip to the zoo, or museum, and all she's interested in is eating her sandwich and goldfish crackers. Or when i cook a yummy soup on a winter day and all she wants to eat is snow. Or when i change her diaper in the morning, just to have to change it again in the afternoon...wait, now i'm just complaining about motherhood in general :)

It really was a fun activity, though. It got us out of the house every tuesday, and it gave her something to tell Dad about when he got home. It also gave Abby the chance to climb up the legs of some strange lady in the background whilst I posed for this picture...

I don't think we'll do another tumbling class for a while. Given her name, maybe Grace should take up ballet?

Best Friends

These two girls of mine couldn't be cuter (except for when they're fighting, or crying, or whining, or not sleeping...). The other day i was carrying them both, one on each hip, and Grace tickled Abby, then tickled me, and said, cuddling up to us both, "we're best friends." She really is (given the perfect amount of sleep, food and attention) the sweetest thing in the world!! :)

Abby's eating table food now, and Grace LOVES it! She loves breaking her food into small pieces and sharing it with her little sister. They're both in highchairs now, which provides me with about 5-7 minutes of no-children-hanging-on-my-ankles time. Needless to say, i look forward to meal time more than either of them do!