Thursday, September 6, 2007

Best Friends

These two girls of mine couldn't be cuter (except for when they're fighting, or crying, or whining, or not sleeping...). The other day i was carrying them both, one on each hip, and Grace tickled Abby, then tickled me, and said, cuddling up to us both, "we're best friends." She really is (given the perfect amount of sleep, food and attention) the sweetest thing in the world!! :)

Abby's eating table food now, and Grace LOVES it! She loves breaking her food into small pieces and sharing it with her little sister. They're both in highchairs now, which provides me with about 5-7 minutes of no-children-hanging-on-my-ankles time. Needless to say, i look forward to meal time more than either of them do!


Mindy said...

Emily that is so sweet! Isn't it great having two girls (well like you said when they have all their needs met). Let's keep our fingers crossed that they will just as sweet when they're teenagers. I think I've set my expectations a little high for those years already.

Katt said...

Emily!!! I got your blog through mindy's blog (it is a crazy blogging world these days!). Anyway, I'm so glad that I did! It is so good to read about your life in Colorado and look at your adorable girls (congrats on the second, by the way)!! I hope that all is well with you. We just love you guys!