Monday, July 16, 2007

Before, during and after: our first landscaping project

8 Weekends, 26 naps, and 32 evenings later, we finally finished our summer project!!! When you put that much time and energy into something, you really need people to appreciate it (hint, hint). (It's hard to see lots of the plants, cause they're still so small.)

An eve in Las Vegas

It was the quickest trip ever, less that 24 hours total, but it was a blast!!! My best friend Brandalee was the lead in the musical "Ragtime" at the beautiful Red Rocks amphitheater in Las Vegas. Watching her show....amazing. Spending time with an old friend...incredible. Being away from Grace and Abby....priceless!!!
(Click here to see a clip from her show-she's amazing! )