Friday, May 31, 2013


Easter is slowing moving its way to the top of my list of Most Favoritest Holidays.  In this hemisphere, it brings with it the much needed signs of springtime.  And it comes at a time of year when our family doesn't usually have a whole lot going on.  We don't have a lot of Easter traditions (which means our kids look forward to it less... and I look forward to it more).  I don't know why we don't, it's just sort of happened that way.  We didn't intentionally exclude the Easter Bunny from our traditions, he just kinda never came.  (It might have something to do with what we did to his grandbunnies a few years ago...but they were eating my garden!!!) And this year Grace announced that "in our family we don't believe in the Easter Bunny".  So, no baskets.  No Bunny.  And no unrealistic expectations (mainly my own!!).  All of the fun activities and crafts we did were just a bonus and made me look like Mom of the Year. 

I don't know what it is with me, but I don't do well when lots is expected of me.  But lower the bar, and I'll shine, shine, shine.  So, i'm resisting the urge to label any of the fun things we did "traditions," which would inevitably turn them into a chore.  And I'll just say that if next Easter plays out just like this one, we'd all be just fine with that.

Our festivities
Modge-podged eggs

Edible Robin's nests

A few friends over for an Easter Egg Hunt

And my personal favorite--Wheat Grass Chia Egg Heads

The only thing I could complain about this Easter was that I was asked to give a talk/sermon in church on Easter Sunday.  I have a pretty serious fear of speaking in public, so my Easter morning was spent trying to dry my sweaty palms and keep my breakfast as far down my esophagus as possible.  I was glad to get it over with.   And of course, when all was said and done, I was grateful to be forced to sit down and take a few hours to really consider what Easter means to me, and how that meaning has really changed since my mom passed away.