Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday morning i woke up to Grace and Reid at the foot of my bed giving me a CandyBar card--it'd been TOO long since i'd seen one of those!!! The card spelled out the details of a Girls Day Out that Reid and the husbands of 2 of my close friends here had planned for us!!!!! It included gift certificates for a Mani/Pedi, and hour-long pre-natal massage, a 3 hour shopping spree, and a dinner at a fancy-shmancy Italian restaurant downtown Denver. Now, Reid's given me awesome gifts before--but this one took the cake. I mean, the fact that he had to plan this with 2 other guys just blows my mind! And they didn't miss a thing!

Reid also spent all day Saturday and Sunday helping around the house--much of which meant cleaning up Abby's puke (poor girl had the not-so-common 72 hour stomach flu!!) and dealing with an attention-deprived Grace.

I used to avoid the cliche "i'm married to the greatest man in the world" because i thought that everyone felt that way, so it seemed meaningless to say. I now avoid it because i've become too aware of how many people don't feel that way. And truthfully, i don't really know that he's the greatest man in the world. But i do know that i feel like the luckiest person in the world in the evening when he sits on the couch with me and folds laundry while we watch The Office, or Medium, or Eli Stone. And i feel so lucky every day when he walks in the door and all 3 of us girls fight for his attention, which he perfectly shares with us all. And i feel like the luckiest girl when he cares about the things i care about--my many unfinished projects, a recipe gone awry, a 15-wipe diaper change he missed out on, my tree-hugging obsessions, my conversations at play dates, my steal-of-a-deal at the latest garage sale, etc.

I'm the luckiest me in the world and Reid's the best Reid in the world. Who could ask for more?!?!? So, Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

And Reid, I'm forever happy to mother your children...but could we maybe take a break sometime soon!?!?!??!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grace's 3rd B-Day

For Grace's 3rd B-day we had a Pizza Party

The kids all got to make their own pizzas, and then the
parents all got to makethe edible pizzas

All the kids had their own little aprons (which, i of course had to make
since i'm incapable of buying ANYTHING!!) and their
own little chef's hats.
Our wee little house was a bit over crowded with the 31 people
that showed up--but we all had a blast--especially
the birthday girl

Honestly, Grace had a smile on her face the whole day--
except in the moments that the camera came out!!

Happy 3rd, my sweet Grace!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

is it too late to post Easter pics??

I'm a little embarassed that it's May and i'm posting March pictures....um...better late than never?!?!?

We took a family vacation in March and went to DC to visit Reid's sister, Alisa, and my sister, Melanie--the moms of all of Grace and Abby's cousins. We had such a great time--and best of all --Reid didn't have to do any work at all!!!! (i think our lawyer friends will be able to appreciate how miraculous that was!) Of course we didn't take many pictures, but reid's sister took this one, which i LOVE (you can't imagine how hard it was to get Abby to hold still and to get Grace to not just stare at the camera--so this was as good as it was gonna get)

Of course i couldn't just go out and buy matching dresses for my daughters, that would be too easy. So, i made them! I actually made 3 dresses--one for my girls, and one for their cousin (who's mom took this picture)

And here's another one, taken at Reid's sister's house just outside of Baltimore, MD.

We got back to Denver just before Easter. We had a small little Easter Egg hunt the day before Easter. It was 34 degrees outside, but the kids all had a great time!

The girls loved finding their Easter Baskets sunday morning. And they LOVED the peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, fruit snacks and animal crackers that filled their eggs (yes, i know you're all going to ridicule me for not filling their baskets with candy, but i just couldn't do it!!!

...and yes, i made their baskets, well, the liners--i have an addiction!!!

Grace lives in her "birthday suit" an ongoing, ever-losing battle.
So most of our pictures of her are just like this!!

Abby LOVES hats and honestly doesn't
mind that she can't see when they're on!!!