Friday, May 2, 2008

is it too late to post Easter pics??

I'm a little embarassed that it's May and i'm posting March late than never?!?!?

We took a family vacation in March and went to DC to visit Reid's sister, Alisa, and my sister, Melanie--the moms of all of Grace and Abby's cousins. We had such a great time--and best of all --Reid didn't have to do any work at all!!!! (i think our lawyer friends will be able to appreciate how miraculous that was!) Of course we didn't take many pictures, but reid's sister took this one, which i LOVE (you can't imagine how hard it was to get Abby to hold still and to get Grace to not just stare at the camera--so this was as good as it was gonna get)

Of course i couldn't just go out and buy matching dresses for my daughters, that would be too easy. So, i made them! I actually made 3 dresses--one for my girls, and one for their cousin (who's mom took this picture)

And here's another one, taken at Reid's sister's house just outside of Baltimore, MD.

We got back to Denver just before Easter. We had a small little Easter Egg hunt the day before Easter. It was 34 degrees outside, but the kids all had a great time!

The girls loved finding their Easter Baskets sunday morning. And they LOVED the peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, fruit snacks and animal crackers that filled their eggs (yes, i know you're all going to ridicule me for not filling their baskets with candy, but i just couldn't do it!!!

...and yes, i made their baskets, well, the liners--i have an addiction!!!

Grace lives in her "birthday suit" an ongoing, ever-losing battle.
So most of our pictures of her are just like this!!

Abby LOVES hats and honestly doesn't
mind that she can't see when they're on!!!


Tara said...

Why would you want anything but another girl, you make such pretty ones. They are so beautiful Emily! Miss your guts. T

merathon said...

you guys all look fabulous! those dresses are to die for-- why didn't you make YOURSELF one too? :)

since you had your first the same time i was having my second, you really didn't have to squeeze another one in to try to keep up with me! maybe we'll have three girls as well!

Em Russ said...

you're amazing (as usual). I can't get my house clean, let alone sew dresses (even if I knew how) and I can't get my kids to stop eating candy... hmmm maybe I should give it up too!! Your girls are so pretty! The undies picture of Grace is funny. That's Lila's favorite outfit too. Too bad they can't get together and dress down!

grandma leslie said...

Seems just a quick year or so since we visited you guys in Boston with Elise and Dan! This is Elise's Mom---obviously it has been longer than a year! You guys have accomplished a lot--what cute girls--how lucky you are to have #3 on the way---keep up the good work!

Mindy said...

What super cute girls. Please plan a trip to come to Boston for a visit. We would have a special craft night where you could teach me and Emily how to make clothes for our kids! You are freakin' amazing!!!

Snyder Family said...

I love the easter dresses. You have real talent. I don't know how to sew so I do it the easy way, buy at the store. I am so glad that you had a good easter. The easter egg hunt looks like it was a lot of fun.
I hope you are feeling well. It is coming up soon! I am so jealous that Reid gets to have time off like that. I sure wish Lance could.

carin tatom said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute! I am amazed at your sewing abilities- look at you go!

The Busby Family said...

Your girls are so cute. You are so amazing with you sewing, I'm so impressed. If I had girls I might try making dresses, but it's not so much fun with boys, so I'll stick to things you can buy.

Cassi said...

such cute girls. We got to see Mindy and Brian Saturday and they were telling me about your post and how amazing you are. The dresses you sewed are so darling. Mostly Mindy and I decided you just make the rest of us look bad :)

Brownie said...

Look at your girls!! They are so big, I just can't believe my eyes! LOVE the dresses Emily. You are such an inspiration. Emma is one and a half, and I haven't made anything for her since she was born!-Amy