Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grace's 3rd B-Day

For Grace's 3rd B-day we had a Pizza Party

The kids all got to make their own pizzas, and then the
parents all got to makethe edible pizzas

All the kids had their own little aprons (which, i of course had to make
since i'm incapable of buying ANYTHING!!) and their
own little chef's hats.
Our wee little house was a bit over crowded with the 31 people
that showed up--but we all had a blast--especially
the birthday girl

Honestly, Grace had a smile on her face the whole day--
except in the moments that the camera came out!!

Happy 3rd, my sweet Grace!!


Mindy said...

You are freakin' amazing! You really make the rest of us look bad. I love your top by the way, where did you get it? Is it maternity? If so you are freakin' tiny!

carie said...

hey did you ever redo your kitchen like you were describing to us this last January? If so, I would love to see pictures.

Your mini baby aprons are cute!

Snyder Family said...

Happy Birthday Grace! You have such a great mom and dad who love you very much. Looks like you had a fun party. Wish we could have been there!

Stephanie B said...

That's a great cake, did you make it? Those aprons are adorable and the chef's hat is such a cute idea. Great party favor ideas! My mom made Lauren an apron, she just did it out of a hand towel. Also her sewing machine does embroidery so she put on it, "Mommy's little helper"

merathon said...

that cake is PERFECT! looks like a great party! kendall and berkeley really wanted to have spring rolls at their party, but i wasn't sure how that would go over with all the other kids. . .

still can't believe you're pregnant! craziness!

Anne Steenblik said...

Cute party, cute cake, cute apron, cute girls, cute Emily.

Great color and trim in the dining room, too. Did you do that? or did it come that way? Forget about me helping you, can you help me?!?

Family of 5 said...

Way cute party! Seeing cute girl parties like that make me wish I had a girl, but only for a second then I am glad that I have easy to please boys. Anyway... tell Grace hello and Happy Birthday from us.