Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where do babies come from?

Grace and I were looking through some pictures of us at the hospital when Eliza was born. This is how the conversation went:

Grace: How did you get Eliza out of your belly?
Me: I pushed her out
Grace: But where did she come out of?
Me: (i'll spare you these details, as i spared her most of them. i figured i'd let her ask for more details if she had more questions...which she didn't)
Grace: That must have hurt really bad!!!
Me: yeah, it did actually!
Grace: did you yell?
Me: yeah, I yelled lots until the doctor gave me some medicine, and then it didn't hurt anymore
Grace: you shouldn't have yelled so much, you probably hurt the doctor's ears
Me: yeah, he probably should have given me the medicine sooner!

I am getting such a kick out of the conversations we've been having lately...and I'm gonna start doing better at writing them down!!!


Nathan said...

Thats awesome. I can see her imagining her perfect and mature Mom crying like a little Eliza

Em Russ said...

yeah. what were you thinking hurting the doctor's ears like that. seriously, you are soooo inconsiderate!!

LAURA said...

Hey Emily, this is Spencer's wife Laura, I found your blog off of Jen's blog. Isn't it amazing the things these little ones come up with? Our days are so much more interesting now that Ethan says the funniest things, makes the days more enjoyable.
Your girls are adorable!

Adrie said...

This was hilarious! So glad you shared with us all...