Saturday, March 14, 2009


random things i want to write down:

1. Eliza's sitting up by herself. She's fairly stable, too. I LOVE this stage! with all 3 of my girls i've looked forward to and loved the arrival of this stage!

2. Reid and i have made a goal for National Nutrition Month to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and to cut out sugar and most processed foods. We're on day 10 or so. It's getting easier as it goes to get the fruits and veggies in...but i'm REALLY missing sugar. i really like sugar. lots. Reid's also started a new diet adventure, just for a couple of weeks (sound familiar??). I'm trying to support him, in a "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" kind of way. So that's all i have to say about that.

This is what's in our fridge right now. thank heavens for Sunflower Market!! grapes for $.67/lb, red peppers for $.88 each--what would i do with out you!!

3. tickets to Denver are REALLY cheap on Southwest right now. I've convinced my parents, my sister and my brother to come see us for Easter. Is there anyone else out there just dying for a little get-away? $39 is hard to beat!

4. My ankle's just sprained. The dr. took an x-ray yesterday to be sure. It's been feeling lots better the past 2-3 days. it's so nice to be able to walk again!!! And the Dr. said i could resume exercising, just no aerobic-type classes, with lots of side-to-side movement. the problem with that is that aerobic classes are the ONLY type of exercise that i like! all you joggers, and spinners and runners can keep your comments about how "awesome it is to just push yourself till you want to throw up" to yourself! :)

5. DST is killing us. We can't get back on schedule! we're sleeping until almost 9am, i'm up past midnight every night--we just can't get our bodies to "spring ahead one hour!"

6. I'm almost ready to start thinking about painting my kitchen.

7. the remote to our DVD player is lost--really, truly lost


Reid said...

Love you lots! Thanks for your support. ;-)

Family of 5 said...

Mark is on one of those kind of diets too. I will take your advice about not saying anything at all! Thanks.

merathon said...

okay, so let's hear what this "diet adventure" is. do i even WANT to know? if it involves no carbs, i'm mad at you, reid.

Karen said...

Eliza looks adorable, good luck to both of you with healthiness, and I love that your last point was that your TV remote is lost. :)

emilyaaa said...

mere, mere, mere--how perceptive you are.

it's been KILLING me!! He's eaten more CRAP in the past 6 days than in the past year, honestly. and not a single fruit, and "limited" veggies. yeah, i pretty much think it's the worst diet out there. But, to his credit, he has had lots of veggies still, he DID buy turkey bacon, Morningstar sausage patties, all beef, nitrate-free hot dogs (he just yelled at me for giving him such a hard time about this, that's why i had to say that)

I cooked chicken the other day for the first time in about 3 years. It was so nasty to touch, i about puked. and i was so afraid that we were all going to die of salmonella (sp?) that i was sure was covering every surface in my kitchen. I'm looking very forward to this being done!!! that said, he HAS lost 5 lbs, which is gonna save us a bunch o' money on life insurance. Worth it? maybe

Reid said...

Emily, Emily, Emily--

Today I ate the following:
--one whole cucumber
--at least one whole bell pepper (red and orange varieties)
--a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes
--a plate full of broccoli
--a bit of avocado

I also ate:
--2 small slices of beef
--the chicken you mentioned in your comment
--an all-beef hotdog
--one string cheese

I drank:
--tons of H20 (at least 10 cups)
--a bit of diet soda (to curb my craving for something with sugar)

More meat than I usually eat, yes. Plenty o' veggies, absolutely. And I've lost 9 pounds, thank you very much. :-)

Reid said...

I forgot about the 6-7 stalks of asparagus I ate too.

Liz said...

I love that your "if you don't have any thing nice to say" only pertains to the post not the comments. That's true love!! J/K

I'm glad that someone else is experiencing some difficulty with DST. I thought everything would work itself out in a week, but it hasn't!! I guess I'll just wait until we change the clock back in the fall. :)

Love you, Ashworth!! You'll always be Ashworth to me!!

turleybenson said...


I just saw your little tease of a comment on my blog, and I'm letting you know that you have indeed piqued my curiosity.

Spill it, lady!!

Kyrsten said...

I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. You need to come and clean out our fridge, yours looked much more appetizing than mine.

Emili said...

OOH you are hilarious! I'm SO SO SO happy I found yoU! I have the exact same bumbo type chair for Sami, same color even! too funny.

turleybenson said...

Is that it?!

Just kidding, I think that is great advice and I will do my best to heed it. I really will! :)