Sunday, March 8, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that if you have every earthly and heavenly need met, like warmth, shelter, faith, family and health and STILL have the cajones to complain about life that God will give your children the runs?

well, I didn't know it until right after i posted that last post. Moments after clicking "submit" Abby starts screaming from her crib, and i go up there to find the contents of her diaper smeared all over her crib. lovely. And then, 3 hours later Grace's bowels ended up all over the bathroom floor. She hasn't had an accident in months--esp not that kind of an accident!

And Reid was conveniently at church meetings for both of these.

Now, I know that's more info than you wanted, but just be warned--whining when you've got relatively very little to complain about, no matter how good it feels can come back and kick you in the butt, or worse--in your kids' butts!!! (but you still might deciede it's worth it--whining can feel really good :)

p.s. thanks for all your comments and empathy and concern and encouragement and love--i'm feelin' your love--and i'm feeling much better today, mostly 'cause i know that all of you know right where i'm coming from :)


Brownie said...

oh my goodness - we love you and love your blog! Jeff and I were really laughing at this post. Out of love of course:) Have you considered writing a book in your spare time? (since you have SOOO much spare time!)

Adrie said...

I'm totally laughing right now. I hadn't read your previous post, until I saw this one. Needless to say, I'm still laughing! I know, it's mean to laugh at you. I'm not really laughing AT you, rather, the "I've SO been there, done that" kind of laugh. Anyway, thanks for being honest, and sooo hilarious all at the same time! You ROCK, and don't you ever think otherwise!

Mindy said...

Okay I am just getting caught up on my blogging/blog stalking. I am so sorry to read about such a bad time. I will remember these posts the next time I want to vent (which would have been sooner rather than later). Being a mom is a lot harder than I thought and it seems it gets harder with every kid. Let me know when it gets better, I feel like I've just started getting on top of things since Aubrey was born 2 years ago. How long does it take with the 3rd baby?

dkeaquinto said...

Amen, Sister.

Tara said...

Dad's are never home for poop accidents! Somehow they always time it just right. Some times I am tempted just to leave it for them!