Tuesday, October 19, 2010

San Diego and Hollywood

San Diego was amazing.  I love my girlfriends.  I loved every second of my time away.  And I've loved being back.  I love that Grace spent 2 whole days believing that the star fish i gave her was alive.  (she asked if it was real and i said yes....didn't realize that to her real = alive..). She has since figured it out...i think...  Eliza was not only disinterested in me upon my return, but she CRIED when i tried to give her a hug.  I think Abby must have sensed my sadness, 'cuase she has told me at least 8 times "i missed you so much when you were gone."  I have no photos to share yet...but hopefully will soon.

I didn't get to see my brother Kevin while I was there. He's in L.A. and we had a pretty tightly packed schedule.  But i don't feel so bad 'cause i get to see him tomorrow (wed)--ON T.V.!!!!!!!  
He's going to be on Law and Order: Los Angeles.  He plays an attorney named Robert Schuler, and he'll be  in acts 3 and 4.  He's tall, dark and handsy--you won't miss him!.  Check him out on IMDB so you'll recognize him.


Candace said...

I totally just had a girls weekend in CA this past weekend, although mine was in San Fransisco. It was with my mom, sisters and the sis in laws. It was so much fun and great to have a little break. Glad you got one too.
Maybe next time we can do it together!

The Busby Family said...

That is so cool. DId I ever say we should get your bro and my sis together?