Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Night

Most every Monday night Reid and i have Family Night. This is something that our parents did with us, and it's a tradition we've looked forward to continuing with our own kids for years.
We have a little wheel that we spin each Monday to see who gets to be in charge of the lesson, the songs we sing, the activity/game and the treat. Usually Reid or I fix it so that we are in charge of the lesson. And usually the lesson has something to do with "reasons not to beat your sibling" or "why being a poor sport is no fun" or "and that is why we don't whine" (see Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 10. no, really, do see it. best. episode. ever.)
But tonight, Reid helped Grace give the lesson. It was priceless. She asked us questions about how praying as a family can make us a stronger family. She told us that Heavenly Father can help us. She told us that last night she dreamt that there were whales coming to get her and she was scared and she said a prayer but that God didn't help her in her dream. It was cute to see that praying crosses her mind, even in her dreams. (She even seems to understand that not all prayers are answered how we want them to be answered sometimes.)
And then, after some deliciously sweet pineapple, it was time for the activity. Tonight's activity was an impromptu recital (prompted, i'm guessing, by this cute book we just got from the library, "The Song of Middle C") at our little 4-note Fisher Price piano.
This cute video shows a side of Grace that no one ever gets to see besides us. And even we don't get it that often. She's not a performer. She hates that kind of attention (praise, direct compliments, etc.) but every now and again she pulls something like this out. When she's comfortable. And Reid and i couldn't have loved it more. She's the cutest thing ever.
The girls took turns. Abby was next. Performing like this is second nature to Abby. Or even first nature--if there's such a thing. She loves to sing, she loves applause. And she, too, was absolutely adorable. At the end you'll see that Eliza even took a turn.
It was such a fun night. One of those nights you never, ever want to forget. And, thanks to NaBloPoMo, I'm actually taking the time to write about it.
Note: at about 1:38 Grace, without breaking from her beautiful composition, gives acknowledgdment to Eliza for taking a few steps. love it.
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Reid said...
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Reid said...

Thanks for the awesome family night. You girls are cute!

Denita said...

I was just watching the clip with Nina and she turned to me, gasped, and said "Is that GRACE?!?"

Utah gal said...

You forgot the AD lesson on leaving a note--children need to learn what will and what won't rip off a stranger's arm! Ron Howard should write the next FHE handbook...