Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, not until about 10 minutes ago did i know that there was such a thing as National Blog Posting Month. But, thanks to the lovely marissa, I now know. And I'm committed. You could say i'm blommitted (i know, i'm a total blerd). I'm going to post something on this neglected blog every single day this month. Really, really exciting
#1 About 4 days ago Eliza took a step. Ten minutes later (and just after Reid left for a neighbor's house for a quick visit) she walked across the room. She was so proud of herself. Reid got a re-run when he got back. She has thoroughly LOVED the attention she'd been getting for the past 5-6 weeks when she'd stand by herself (Grace and Abby almost made it a competition to see who could freak out more over this amazing accomplishment) and now she's even MORE in love with the applause, and oo's and aah's that she gets with each step. What a ham. Dunno where she could get that from.
(And since i haven't gotten any pics of it's a cute one of Eliza just cuz)

#1, again.
if you'd ever heard my theory on potty-training you know that it's this--wait until the kid is really, really ready. I'm not talking about "showing signs"--that approach can take months, and usually requires plastic/portable potties. I'm talking they're coming up to you and telling you that they've gotta pee....or even better--they're coming up to you to tell you that they just did pee on the pot and they need your help washing their hands.
And that's just what happened this week with Abby. As of about 4 days ago (that was really a big day for us) Abby started telling me when she has to go peepee! and she's gone about 2-3 times/day every day since! She even can take off her diaper and get herself on the pot!! And she's really good at washing her hands, too! She's still fine wearing diapers...and so am I. No need to rush anything (obviously). She's literally doing this all by herself, which means no bribes, no candy, and noooooooooo pressure. I should really write a book. I could put this picture on the cover--people would buy it just for this little face, no?

So, that's that. We're walking and peeing here.

Day One--check


Gillian Brown said...

YAY Allred Ladies!!!

Utah gal said...

I love this blog month thing--thanks for sharing so much with us!

Em Russ said...

awesome! I was tempted to join you in your daily blogging but it lasted for about 2.4 seconds before I realized I couldn't do it. LOVE your pictures. I agree, Abby could be on People. Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with!

turleybenson said...

Weeeee! Way to jump back into the blog world. Also, your latest post? That's a LOT of hairbows, my friend. Even for 3 girls. I love it.