Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some things never change

On thursday night I was at a friend's house with some other girl friends. We'd all brought old photos/home videos/old journals. I've never laughed so hard in my entire life.

i didn't have any photos to bring, so i brought my 7th Grade journal. The first entry was in Feb 1989. It read something about my friends, playing in the snow, and how I had a goal to write in the journal every day for a month to receive an achievement award at church.

The next entry was Nov of 1990. (And there was no mention of snow, or playing, or anything innocent and sweet. It was completely drenching in 7th grade drama, crushes, girl-fights, hurt-feelings, more crushes, more drama--someday i really should type it up and post a few entries here)

And although many things about me have changed (e.g. I no longer dedicate songs on the radio weekly), it appears that my ability to KEEP GOALS regarding journal-writing has not.

Truth be told, there hasn't been anything compelling enough for me to write about it. And that's probably what happened in Feb or 1989.

But a goal is still a goal. And excuses are still excuses. And i'm still really bad at the one and really good at the other.


Gillian Brown said...

Love you. Thanks for all the laughs!!!

Brady said...

Hey, if you consider blogging like a journal...and I do, I'd say you're doing awesome!