Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have no pictures. No evidence. So you're just gonna have to take my word for it. On July 3rd, my friend Lindsay and I were obnoxious enough to get 5+ seconds on the Jumbo-tron at the Rockies game! I'm pretty sure it wasn't my first time on the big screen, what with my days as the Timpview mascot and all.... We danced around, and looked like 30 year-old moms who still think it's awesome to get the camera guy to notice us!! and we loved every second of it!! Lindsay and I were both that obnoxious kid growing up who did all sorts of crazy things and loved the attention. And I dare say we both still have a little bit of that in us. Lindsay has toned hers down quite nicely. :) You should see us on the bowling ally dance floor, though!! what's that? you didn't know that bowling alleys have dance floors? my point exactly... :) thanks, lindsay, for being my fellow ham!!

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Team Millward said...

First of all, there was no one I would have rather been on the Jumbo Tron with, so it was a pleasure. I love looking like an idiot, and greatly look forward to our next dance off at Mr. Biggs!