Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can I hear an Amen?

Two things i want to write down before I forget them:

I was so excited when 10 days ago Eliza started going up the stairs. Up until then she'd just kinda giggle at the bottom step and wait for someone to come help her up. i was even more excited 8 days ago when she learned how to go down the stairs. It only took about 1-2 hours of practice and she had it down! I was not excited 5 days ago to come home from the gym and find out that she'd fallen off of the 3rd stair and landed on her face. Reid said it was probably a good thing i didn't see it or hear her. She was very, very sad--poor girl! It was bound to happen, though. We have a LOT of stairs in our little house. But now she won't even think about going up or down the stairs. We're back to where we started. Only instead of giggling at the bottom, she cries and cries and cries. Abby was almost exactly this age when she fell (or rather, was pushed) off the 3rd stair and landed on conrete-covered tile. That ended in a concussion and a soft, mushy head for almost 2 weeks. Eliza just got a little goose-egg and a bruise. Thank heavens for "soft" wood floors!!

Although Eliza babbles a ton, she doesn't actually say words, like "mama" or "dada," on cue. She says "uh-oh" but i'm not sure that counts as a word. Let's say it doesn't count as a word so that I can tell you what her very first word is! At the end of our family prayer a several nights ago Eliza said what sounded like "amen." Reid and I kinda laughed, and figured it was just a coincidence. But now, about 20+ prayers later, I'm sure it's not a coincidence. She says "amen" after almost EVERY prayer!! i can't even tell you how pleased she is with herself every time she does it. Possibly the cutest thing in the world.


Emili said...

A dorable. Can you tell me how old she is now?

Karen said...

Oh how cute!

Kyrsten said...

so cute!