Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4th of July or Happy 31st to me!!

I've said it a million times, but i LOVE having my birthday on the 4th of July!! It's always such a fun day--there's never school, most offices are closed that day--it's just awesome! This year we walked over to the parade and then up to our towncenter's little carnival. the girls bounced in a little bouncy house thing, we had a Jamba Juice, walked around a bit and came home.

We had a (rained-out) BBQ at Amber's house that afternoon. Dave had some awesome (and loud, thus Abby and Izzy covering their ears) fireworks that he set off. The kids loved and hated them. And when Abby got really freaked out, the only person she'd let comfort her was Dana. Dana really is the nicest person in the world, so I can't say I blame her! Dave also had sparklers for them all. Grace and Abby had never had sparklers--they LOVED them!

We bribed Grace into taking a nap that afternoon so that she could stay up for fireworks. Abby naps about 50-60% of the time and on the days she does, she's up really late--so it worked out great!! It was a little breezy and chilly as we sat there on the driveway, but we got all bundled up and enjoyed a fantastic show. (I love that we have such a great view from our house!!) The girls still talk about the fireworks to this day. It was the perfect end to a perfect b-day.

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merathon said...

i love your little collages but i do NOT love when i can't click on them to make them bigger! i can't see all your little kids in those tiny pics!