Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jared and Kristie

The second week in July we got to have Jared (my one and only lil' bro) and his wife, Kristie stay with us for 6 days! They're on their way to Duke, where Mr. Smarty-pants is getting a Ph.D in Economics. It was soooooooooo great having them here! We haven't seen nearly enough of them lately, and we just soaked up every minute of them being here. They brought their Wii, so every night when the girls went down we'd Wii it up. awesome. We also battled out a few rounds of Settlers of Catan, Wizard, and Sequence. They were here to help out with the 5K, and helped out with our kids every chance they got. It was so great having them here!!!

We spent Monday down in Colorado Springs. We went to Garden of the Gods, and hiked up to the Siamese Twins formations, had a little picnic, let the girls play around a bit, started to get rained on and headed back to the van.
It was only 1-ish by then, so we decided to squeeze in a trip to the Olympic Training Center.
That place is awesome! We saw the toughest chicks in the world lifting one million lbs., a team of swimmers warming up, and shooters using their electronic rifles and targets. And just as the tour ended we got DUMPED on by the worst downfall of rain i've ever seen! It was amazing! This photo, obviously, does it no justice! We're all squinting because our eye-balls were getting pelted by massive raindrops. not because of the sun.

On Tuesday we went and had a picnic up at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I LOVE this place!! The roadies were there setting up for the Snoop Dogg concert that night, and exercise maniacs were running, or jumping up and down all the stairs, and then there were a dozen or so families that were just there for the scenery. I'm thinking that now that Jared has seen this place, he'll make it a higher priority to come next time Rush performs i right??
On wednesday we went swimming here at one of our rec centers, and then chilled at home most of the day. Kristie, who is an amazing hair-stylist, cut Abby's, Grace's, and my hair. I kid you not when I say that i don't go ANYWHERE without people commenting on how cute their hair is! They'd probably comment on mine, too, if i ever had a minute to do it! She's awesome! So, if you live in the Raleigh/Durham area, and need a new stylist, let me know!!
Grace: AFTER

It was so much fun having them here for so long!! There is a need in all neices' lives to have the "fun" aunt and uncle come visit. So, thank you guys for coming and staying and helping out and playing and we hope to see you again soon!!


Nathan said...

Sounds fun. I've always wanted to check out the olympic center, lucky!

merathon said...

i LOVE red rocks too. i have fond memories of concerts there...

so, now that your bro lives just a couple hours from us, you're going to have to visit him and then swing by charlotte too!

you should have hiked pike's peak while you were in the Springs. it's AMAZING. (of course, you can drive almost to the top and then just walk the last little bit where you're not allowed to drive if you want to be a wimp...)

Jared said...

We had a blast! We're glad you had so much fun and that the girlz hair is still so cute! Love you so much!