Monday, August 17, 2009

Abby’s Half Birthday Party

I tried to do this back in January, but that didn’t happen.  I tried to do this while Reid and Grace were in WY.  that didn’t happen.  But on August 12, 2009 it finally happened! Abby had her very first birthday party!  She loved all the build-up, all the talk of presents, and cake, and balloons.  She loved waking up to decorations, flowers, and balloons—all for her.

 Abby's HalfBirthday1

And she LOVED having her friends over here.  And I loved that it wasn’t right after Christmas!  I’ve always talked about doing half-birthday parties for her, but I was never really sure how it would work out.  But now that i’ve done it, I know that it’s a breeze!  And she didn’t really care that she wasn’t turning a new number.  So, for all you out there with Christmas/New Year’s babies—you gotta try this!!! :)

We played games in the backyard,  


then we bowled in the basement,


And then the girls all got to build their own fruit smoothies. (I love this alternative to cookie decorating, btw!)

Abby's HalfBirthday

While we were drinking our smoothies, the girls got to help me decorate Abby’s cake.  (Plan A for the cake fell through about 45 minutes before the party started.  But this plan B worked really well…i’m kinda thinking it might become Plan A more often!)

 IMG_2512 - Copy

Finally, we rushed to do cake and open presents before the moms came back to get their kids.  Abby LOVED all her presents!  Thank you to all who came!! (can that pass as a Thank You card?  ‘cause i’m really not very good at those :) )


I didn’t get any pictures of the cake.  It just looked like a bunch of little girls had dumped sprinkles all over it.  It was cute :)  And I was surprised that Abby blew out both the candles at the end of the song.  I didn’t think her aim was that good! 

Abby 2.5

Happy Half-Birthday, Abby!!  We love you!!


Gillian Brown said...

love you abbs!

merathon said...

what a great idea-- and abby is ADORABLE (as if you didn't know that)!

love the idea of "build your own" smoothies. but what was plan A for the cake?

Denita said...

That can definitely suffice as a thank you card for me... but Maya would probably like a note in the mail! No really, I was just excited when you said Abby giggled when she opened Maya's gift. No note necessary.

Snyder Family said...

What a brillant idea-- I shoudl try that with Andrew since his b-day is in December right before Christmas. I am going to do that. Glad you had a good time. She is so dang cute!

Sarah said...

I am glad this finally worked out for Abby! And have you seen any sort of thank you note from me. . . EVER? I don't think so. Just for that you shouldn't have to write anyone one!

Karen said...

I glad you were able to do that Em! It sounds like it was a success :)