Friday, June 19, 2009

Winter Park

We spent Memorial Day weekend up in Winter Park with some of our favoritest friends here in Colorado. We had such a great time!!!

The house we stayed at was AMAZING. The whole weekend we all just kept saying how insanely awesome the place was. (And, of course, i wheeled the deal of a LIFETIME making it affordable for everyone!! i really do amaze myself sometimes.... :) ) Each family had their own room. And since Eliza slept like poop the first night, waking up her sisters, keeping Reid and I both up until 2am! she got her very own cupboard under the stairs the next two nights, where she could work out her sleep issues without waking the rest of us up. (Really wish i would have gotten a picture of that....).

Saturday we went into town (we were staying about 10 minutes outside of Winter Park) and let the kids run around at this awesome park right on main street. The girls scaled the rock-climbing wall, slid down the two-story slide, and fell in love with a dog who fell in love with my husband:
How nasty is this? I am not a dog-person, but I am a Reid-person, so it saddened me to witness this disgusting display of "but i didn't want to be rude and i didn't want the girls to think that I thought the dog was scary so i tried not to make a big deal of it" !!! I vowed right there and then that i wouldn't kiss him until he'd had at least 100 showers. But, like i said, i'm a Reid-person, so that only lasted so long :)

There was quite a bit of rain throughout the weekend. Normally i might have thought to complain about the inclement weather, but with a house like that--who needs to go outside? They had a pool table, a Foosball table, a home theater system, games, puzzles, a massive rocking-horse, a huge kitchen, and everything else you could possibly need in a vacation place!!

We celebrated Kristin's 30th birthday at the Tabernash Tavern. Apart from Lindsay's chili powder-soaked steak, i think we'd all agree that the food was pretty good. Reid's trout came with the face still intact--a bit much for me to look at, but, i had to admit, it was delish! And it was nice having the "deck" portion of the restaurant all to ourselves, since all our kids were...well, being kids.
The girls had so much fun going on little "nature walks" with Reid. They found all sorts of "treasures," and wildflowers. Reid is always concerned that our girls don't get enough of "rugged" nature exposure here in suburbia. I think he might be right. Whenever Abby sees a body of water--be it a stream, a lake, a pond--she always yells "Look Mom, it's Pocahontas!" That's gotta be a bad sign...for oh-so-many reasons....

We went to church in Granby. I always enjoy going to the wee-little congregations up in the mountain/resort towns. The people were so kind, and so thrilled to have their congregation nearly double when our group arrived :)
(Kristina--your parents were at church up there, too--did your mom tell you? fun to see her, as always!)

And a major highlight of the trip each night was putting the kids down and having some time to talk with our friends. We gabbed, and munched, and played pool, and watched the playoffs, and played games (including the newlywed game, of course!), and ate more and just really enjoyed some time with each other. Last time we did something like this was back in Boston, and it was DEFINITELY time to do it again! We've got some great friends here, and really enjoyed spending time with them!
So, for anyone out there in need of a vacation, but without the $$$ to go alone, this is the way to do it! And if you need, i'll even wheel a deal for you. I seem to have magical powers when it comes to that sort of thing :)

Here's our (blurry) family picture by their "Welcome bear" --needless to say i'm still figuring out how to use my camera

We (the girls AND their parents!) got such a kick out of these pig statues! Every time we passed by this farm we had to slow down so the girls could look and ask why they had surgical masks on. We're still not sure why. maybe they're being clever? or maybe their pigs really do have H1N1 flu virus? Either way, it gave the girls something fun to look at and talk about :)
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Marie said...

Eliza under the stairs.....sounds like Harry Potter :)I'm glad you had such a great time. When we drove through Winter Park, I thought it would be a fun place to visit for a weekend.

The Busby Family said...

So jealous, you always plan the best vacations, wish we lived closer so we could do it with you.