Friday, June 19, 2009

Reid's parents

Just two weeks after my parents visited we were spoiled with another grandparents visit! Reid's parents came for a quick 2-day weekend visit, and we loved every minute of it! We didn't do a whole lot (besides hanging up a 150lb mirror, fixing our hose, a quick Hobby Lobby trip) that didn't revolve around making the girls laugh, playing with the girls, feeding our faces, and making the girls laugh some more. And it went by way too quickly!! I've decided that one of the downfalls of living "close, but not too close" to family is that we're prey for the "quick weekend visit." Don't get me wrong. I'll take all of those i can get. but it'd also be fun to have some of the "we spent so much time getting here, we're going to stay for 10 days" visits, too. I guess i want my cake and i want to eat it, too. I'm really good at that :)

This was the best of 45 pictures we took in a 2 minute span

Grace received some be-lated and be-loved gifts from Grandma--and has really enjoyed them all!!

Grace showing off her new princess necklace

Grandpa ran around with the girls in our backyard, and they were just in heaven! Here they are sitting on our terraced wall, playing some clapping game. So sweet.

It was wonderful having them here. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws!! I can't even begin to count the number of times people have asked my why Reid is such a good husband and father. And I always give these two people, Marie and Mike, the credit. They raised such an awesome son--both by example and by what they taught--and I somehow am the lucky lady who gets to benefit daily from all their hard work. And I feel really lucky to like them as much as i do. Not many people enjoy their in-laws as much as I do mine!

Thanks for the WONDERFUL visit, Grandma and Grandpa!!! Come back soon!!

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Anne Steenblik said...

Were you thinking of me when you typed that last little bit?!? Oh how I envy people that just L-O-V-E their in-laws.

I'm trying to call, I promise!