Friday, June 19, 2009

Re-using has never been so easy!

Two springs ago I made Grace and Abby these little matching dresses:

So, this spring, rather than busting out three new dresses for my three little ladies, i thought i'd get smart, and put into practice the never-failing re-use/reduce/recycle mantra. Soooooooooooo, I just made ONE dress, for Grace, and let the other two dresses play their roles as hand-me-downs. Is that brilliant, or what!?!?! (okay, maybe any one of you could have come up with that, but my mom was really impressed by this idea, and just kept telling me how brilliant i am, and how creative i am, and how time-saving, money-saving, awesome i am--aaaaaand that's why i love her:) )

We drove to Denver's LDS Temple on our way home from church a few weeks ago, and I attempted to get some cute pics of all three girls in their dresses. Well, that didn't happen, but i did get these:

So, although this isn't nearly as cool as my friend who's started making her own maternity clothes out of old shirts/skirts, and using the scraps to make skirts for her daughter, I was pretty stoked that I had enough fabric left over from 2 years ago to make three matching dresses! And why do i want to make matching dresses for my girls, you might ask? Why not make three different or coordinating dresses?

the answer is: i have no idea.


Denita said...

On Monday Leigh Anna Buck was talking about how she was the 3rd sister and hated all the matching dresses her mother made her wear because she wore them for YEARS- hers, then her sister's, then her other sisters and sometimes they were hand-me-downs from cousins before that. Just something to think about. But I agree that it is cute when they all match!

merathon said...

oh how i love you, emily! i seldom do the matching dress thing, but on occasion, i like it! (course i never make them so you're way up on me for that!)

Team Millward said...

Emily, if I had your talent I would be making Maddox wear a dress too. Ok, not really, but I seriously envy you!

The Busby Family said...

I just love the dresses, I dress the boys in the same suit outfits for church sometimes, but it's not as cool as the dresses you make for your girls. I just want to know what you would do if you had boys instead of girls.