Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Girls' Night

Gillian is missing from this picture--she joined us later

We had the time of our lives on our little get-away. We shopped. We ate. We shopped some more. We tried on the most ridiculouse outfits. We thought we were hillarious. We crashed in our (connecting) rooms (too late for karaoke). We talked until 2am. We laughed. We divulged. We cried. We remenisced. We slept. We woke (somehow I ended up in the room with the early risers--Who gets up at 7:30 when there are no kids around!?!?!?! I'm with L. and A. next time!!). We went to the gym (okay, i went alone--and had a great time :). We shopped some more. We ate some more. And then we went our separate ways...only to reconvene a few hours later for the BYU game--this time with hubbies and kids--who all enjoyed their newly refreshed wives and moms :)
Thank you, ladies, for the refreshing night away!!
P.S. I brought my camera...but only took this one picture!! For all 2 of you who might care, you can see more pics on Lindsay's blog, here.

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