Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The difference the difference can make

A couple nights ago, within 20-3o minutes, we learned two valuable lessons in this household.

First, Abby learned, the hard way (meaning seeds and all!) that there is a BIG difference between this:

and this:

And then I learned, the hard way, the difference between:

And this:

I really could have sworn that the latter was just the replacement for the former, which they no longer carry at my costco. Who knew a couple little words could make such a big difference.
3 glasses of milk, and 2 hours or suds-scooping, water-dumping, and energy-wasting later, we're all the wiser for it.
And I have enough dish soap to last me a lifetime.


Emili said...

ohh, that sound so so so so funny until you stop to think about the ordeal it turned into. TOTALLY something I would do! Glad you can laugh about it (atleast, you can now that it's all over - right?)

Drew said...

I remember learning that lesson; luckily it was in my parents house like 15 years ago. Never to be forgotten! And poor Abby! Shaylih went for cayenne pepper last week; thought it was cinnamon. She cried for about 2 hours until she fell asleep. How did Abby take it?

Elise said...

Oh poor Abby! I can't even cut one of those things without it turning into a small medical emergency.

And the dish soap fiasco is just funny! I could see the same thing happening here!

Stacey Mom said...

Thats so funny, well the second one, the first one, poor Abby! Nathan gave the kids cheese a last year which he touched with hands that had just cut up a jalepeno pepper, they both just started crying!

Anyway, the soap thing, is it just like the movies..., did you leave the house and come back, or was it while you were home.

Amanda said...

So, when I was in college, I ran out of dish detergent and I thought, "Hey, dish soap is exactly the same, right?" Apparently not.

Adrie said...

OUCH! I'm sorry for you all, but this post was very funny...since it didn't happen to me :)

Team Millward said...

Ummmm, why in the million times we have talked since this happened is this the first I'm hearing of this?? So sorry...