Sunday, January 4, 2009

Abby's turning 2!!!!

There are about a billion things i need to write about, and i'm hoping to have time later this week, but tonight i've got one thing on my mind--my sweet, hilarious, mischievous, blond-haired, blue-eyed Abby.

Two years ago tonight i was driving down a traffic jammed I-25 when my contractions started coming 1 minute apart. In a panic we called 911. Ten minutes later there were 3 firetrucks, 2 ambulances and 1 cop car (stopping all lanes of traffic--people must have LOVED us!!!) The medics put me on the gurney, and started to the hospital. I was hysterical thinking that Reid might miss the birth of his 2nd child, but they insisted that he drive the car behind us. But what i remember the most was repeating "does this mean i won't get my epidural?!?" over and over (this should not surprise anyone who's ever talked to me about labor). Well, we made it to the hospital with PLENTY of time to spare (that's the really embarrassing part). And four hours and one AWESOME epidural later Baby Girl Allred was born (it took us four days to name her).

I never could have imagined then how much energy, happiness, spunk, trouble and fun that baby girl would bring into our lives. And i can only imagine now what might be down the road. I couldn't begin to write down the million things about Abby that make her so much fun. But if you've spent even just a couple hours with this girl you know exactly what i'm talking about. She literally lights up a room. Since she was about 6 months old people have been commenting on how much "personality" she has. And although that means different things to different people, it's all true about Abby.

Abby and Reid making their Gingerbread house at Reid's parents' house

She's started singing before she talked. When she was about 13-14 months old you could sing "rif raf, street rat..." and she'd sing "i don't buy that" (from Aladdin). She sings the ABC's all the time, and if ever Reid or I try to join her she says "no, no, no" and she'll start singing Twinkle, Twinkle...and if Reid and I try to join her on that song she says "no, no, no" and starts back with the ABC's...this can go on and on and on :) She picks up on songs so quickly, it amazes me! I'd try to list her repertoire, but i honestly don't have the time!

(she's about 16 months in this video--it took 2+ months to get some good footage of this! Dan E.--you're gonna love this!!)

She makes me laugh every day. She talks a mile a minute. Most people haven't a clue as to what she's saying. But i usually can translate. I love being that person for her--she's so fun to translate for because she's almost always saying something amusing.

She gets into everything (as our families can attest after 1 week spent at each of their homes!) and she is as stubborn as they come. And she's mastered the art of tattling. It doesn't help that Reid and I laugh hysterically every time she comes into the room crying "Gracie hit, Gracie hit"...

Tackling Grandpa

She's the perfect amount of extrovert for her introvert sister. She loves the attention that Grace hates. She adores Grace, and Grace adores her. They fight like the dickens. But they truly are best friends. Although i hate how she screams bloody murder when we drop Grace off at school, there's nothing sweeter than her squeals and screams as we pick her up. I just love seeing these two girls reunite after 2.5 long hours apart.

When we found out about Eliza's fortuitous arrival I was so concerned that my Abby would have "middle child syndrome" and that she would get "lost" in the middle of this threesome. But it has become very clear to me over the past few months that Abby is completely incapable of getting "lost". Not just because of the volume in her voice (which is not to be underestimated) but because of who she is and how she is. I really do feel pretty lucky to be her mom.

I love you, Abigail Kate. Happy 2nd Birthday!!!


Em Russ said...

Oh how I wish you still lived around the corner so your Abby and my Abby could be the best of friends (and maybe Zack could have a crush on her...) Happy birthday Abby!

Reid said...

I love you Abby. Happy Birthday!

theultimatemama said...

i love you too abby! you rock my world!!!

Karen said...

I love you Abby, Happy B-day!!!

carie said...

HA HA that story about the ambulance is so funny. Glad you made it in time.

Yasmine said...

She is so beautiful. I can't believe she's 2. Happy Birthday Abby!

mariedallred said...

Happy Birthday Abby! She is such a sweetheart. I just love that cute smile and the way she says "Gamma!"

Adrie said...

Such a cute birth story. How did I miss that one?! I guess I didn't really know you back in the day. Very cute video. She's gonna be on American Idol one day!