Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cute Christmas Pics

This is Reid. Emily just finished creating a CD with pictures of the girls for my Grandma. I saw some cute ones as I reviewed the CD and thought I'd post them here for all to see. Merry Christmas!

Emily made these matching dresses for the girls. I'll let her post
a picture of all three girls in their dresses later.

Playing with the fake snow under the trees at my work party was
the highlight of the girls' night.

I was clearly the most excited person in our family to see Santa.

The big girls in their Christmas snowman pajamas.

During Thanksgiving, it snowed and the girls and I
made this snowman.


Shirlee said...

I don't know, Reid, that snowman is looking a little malnourished. Emily, you haven't been feeding it tofu and that veggie crap have you?

Sigh* -- I'll miss Taco Bell while we're in Switzerland.

merathon said...

i'm glad to see you still believe, reid!

Nathan S said...

I love those pajamas. They are so cute. Kudos to matching cute pajamas for kids!

Team Millward said...

Wow Reid, Santa must have told you some really exciting news! Too funny. Don't worry, I won't let Mike see that. It will just give him one more thing to give you a hard time about!