Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the gift that keeps on giving

My wonderful mom wasn't sure what to get Eliza this year. I told her not to get her anything because we have everything we need. but she went ahead and got her the BEST present EVER!!! I had no idea when we opened it just how awesome it was. It's this adorable mini-Christmas tree--fully lit and decorated, and an ADORABLE little birchwood container!

Those adorable ornaments are hand knit and painted--by someone else...the tree skirt is handmade by me :)

Since we had decided not to get a tree this year, this gift was even more welcome!! And the best part is that it smells AWESOME! No, wait, that's not the best part. The best part is that we can either a) plant this in the spring, and it would forever be Eliza's tree, and years down the road we could drive by and show Eliza the tree we planted when she was a baby or b) we can put it in a slightly larger pot, let it grow another foot or two, keep it on our porch and use it year after year after year as our perpetual Christmas tree!!

You can't imagine how much i love option B. It solves all Christmas tree problems. We don't have to spend $45/year to have a real tree (reid won't budge on the whole artificial tree thing, and i'm kinda with him) and we don't have to go get a tree every year--we can just bring it in from the porch. And i've never really been sure how i feel about just cutting down these big trees and then just tossing them--so now i don't have to fret about that, either!!! it's the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving...and someday, if decide we want a bigger tree, we can always plant it!! Thanks, Mom, for the greatest gift ever!!!

This picture was taken at midnight the other night (it looks like daylight outside cause of all the snow) as Reid and I laid on the couch and listened to Carpenter's Christmas Album, and watched the snow fall--a perfect moment w/ the perfect Christmas tree!!!


Lori said...

Good luck with the tree! We tried that a few years ago, and I think it died before we could even plant it. But it is worth a try - if it really works that would be awesome! Keep us posted.

Sarah said...

I love the tree, Emily! It's about as much tree as we're having this year; traveling makes Christmas decorating so much easier! I hope this tree lasts and lasts!

wilfordfamily2003 said...

So happy you have a tree. We decided not to put ours up (yep it's fake) this year. Mindi and the kids went to WY so that I could focus on finals, so we thought, not worth it this year with only me at home. Anyway, hope you are all well. Will you be traveling to WY of the holidays? If so, give us a call, we would love to see you.

theultimatemama said...

i love that you own the carpenter's christmas album!

merathon said...

i thought patrick would never cave into getting a fake Christmas tree, but this year he finally did and he LOVES it! i'll post pictures of it on my blog soon-- hopefully today.