Friday, January 30, 2009

Kale, anybody?

So, i've been reading a poorly written, yet extremely informative book lately that has re-reminded me about how important our diet can be to our overall health. I'm really trying to get some more of certain veggies that the author just can't say enough about into our diets, and i've learned TONS of stuff i didn't know. I also downed one whole package of pull 'n peels while i read this book . . . so, you know, grain of salt, pot and kettle, etc.

One of his favorites is kale.

You can look it up here, or here, or here, or just take my word for it--this stuff is GOOD FOR YOU!! (Reid was convinced kale was a sea vegetable--confusing it with kelp, perhaps??--it's not, it's in the cabbage family, but i think is closer to spinach or chard)

And this is, so far, our favorite way of eating it:
  • 1 frozen banana

  • 1/2 cup (or more) yogurt--any flavor, or plain, or my favorite--homemade!!

  • 2 cups coarsely chopped kale leaves (be sure to wash and remove the stems)

  • dash of vanilla

  • any frozen or fresh berries you have on hand-blueberries are on sale in all the stores here

  • milk, if needed
Toss all ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth--how easy is that???My girls really do love this smoothie--and we have been having yogurt smoothies every day with all our antibiotics, so, we're becoming smoothie connoisseurs. And, contrary to public opinion, this kale shake isn't the first time they've had anything with sugar in it :)


Drew said...

My favorite way to eat it is in my knock off recipe of Olive Garden's Zuppa Tuscano :) Nothing says healthy eating like Cream, Bacon, Italian sausage and Kale. Except maybe pull and peels.

Snyder Family said...

I will have to try it.I have never heard for Kale. I will have to give your smootie a try. Anything to be healthy. Anything I can do to help out with this mission reuion coming up? I am not going to make it because I due 2 weeks after. Let me know what I can do to help out. Sad to miss it.

Utah gal said...

Okay, baby, I am trying this tonight! Will let you know about my two-fold move with the kale and eggplant all in one sitting:)