Monday, October 1, 2012

Star Valley--2012

We headed straight from Brighton, UT to Star Valley, WY for our last week-long adventure of the summer.  Reid and his siblings have made it a tradition to spend a week together in Star Valley each summer. It's hard to decide who looks forward to this week more: the kids--who love playing with their cousins, and being spoiled by Grandma (who happens to also have the best toys/play room in the world!) and Grandpa (who happens to order hundreds of Schwan's ice cream products for endless ice cream delightl), or us--who love being with family, and also love being spoiled by Grandma (did I mention that she entertains our kids non-stop for a whole week?) and Grandpa (did I mention that he entertains our kids non-stop for a whole week?)  I'm pretty sure Reid and I win!

Not only did we have such a great time with Reid's family, but we had a personal photographer with us the whole time!  Reid's sister, Alisa, is an amazing photographer.  And thanks to her, I have evidence that we did indeed do things while we were there!  Not just evidence--i have gorgeous photos!!  We visited some of the most beautiful places, and her photos actually do them justice!

In seven shorts days we squeezed (squoze?) in....

-a hike to the World's Largest Intermittent Spring

Abby fell on the way down.  The intensity of her scream indicated that she'd lost a limb. Or two. Reid hurried to her side, to find a bit of road rash up her back.  Poor girl.  And poor eardrums of everyone else.

The spring wasn't intermitting this time of year, but it was still a great hike!
Swiming trips.  Several of them
Reading books with Grandma.  Several of them.

Getting our nails painted by Aunt Karen
Hiking to Crystal Lake
hiking to Hidden Falls at Lake Jenny

After carrying James on numerous hikes, I finally convinced Reid to try out the wrap--which he'd felt wasn't sufficiently "manly"
Reid quickly stopped caring about "manly" when he got to have his sweet baby sleeping on his neck. Love this picture! Everyone should have a private photographer on their trips!

And taking professional family photos.

You really should have seen Alisa at work--getting the photo ready, clicking the timer button, then running like a mad-woman to grab her daughter and smile calmly for the photo--she's superwoman!
She even managed to take individual photos of all of our kids, group photos of the kids, and family photos of all the families!! And she never even broke a sweat or said a swear!! She's amazing!!  Here are just a few of the pictures she took.  There are more on her blog--check them out!

Man, I love our summers in Star Valley.  You know how, no matter what generation you talk to or read about, they always believe that the era in which they grew up was a better, simpler, more innocent time than the one they're in now?  or the one they raised kids in?  Well, one of my favorite things about our summers in Wyoming is knowing that my kids are shaping their ideas of that perfect childhood.  And there isn't a generation that's lived that wouldn't agree that the Star Valley summers--especially the way the Allreds do them--are perfection.

I can already hear the conversation between Grace and Abby, 30 years from now, about how "kids just don't play the way they used to.  When we were kids, we'd play outside all summer long.  We'd take exhilarating road trips to Grandparents' houses, sing VeggieTales songs at the tops of our lungs, float homemade boats in the canal with Grandpa, blow gigantic bubbles with Grandma, pick carrots from the garden, jump on the trampoline, play endlessly with cousins, and come in only for snack time and baths.  Nowadays kids are too addicted to their phones and video games.  They need to play outside more!"

Well thank you, Allreds, for making absolutely certain that my children will have memories of a time when the world was a better, simpler place!  We love you!


Em Russ said...

we have to have talked about Star Valley, right? Are Reid and I cousins?? I have roots their (Archibald Gardner's 9th wife!! ha ha) and we used to camp by the intermitent springs every summer. It's my favorite place to camp/hike and I have such sweet sweet memories of that place. Someday I am going to take my kids there!

Stephanie B said...

I LOVED this post!! And I agree with every word.

Stacey Mom said...

I've been blogging Sv Summer too, and I MISS you guys and have loved remembering all the fun things we did. It was so fun. I loved how you said it, you always say things so well! And I loved all the nice things you said about me :) You are sweet, thanks!

Melissa said...

You look gorgeous Emily!!!! Have you lost weight? You look fantastic! What a cute family picture. YOu have been busy. Love all the pictures and it wsa fun to read up on all your adventures. Sure love ya!