Monday, October 15, 2012

Before, after, and in-between all of our traveling

Here are some of the highlights of our summertime days here in Colorado.  In no particular order...mostly 'cause all i really wanna do is blog about our recent trip to Hawaii(!!!) but promised myself I wouldn't until i was caught up on everything else.  So, in one big discombobulated post--here's everything else.
  • Abby had the nerve to graduate from preschool.  I tried to convince her to repeat Pre-K, but to no avail.

  • We spent an entire afternoon assembling 100% of the puzzles we have in our home.  This picture was taken during the girls "meditating" phase.  Don't ask.  'Cause I truly don't know.

  • Many days we stayed in our pajamas for way too long, lounging, reading books, watching TV, and enjoying our slothfulness.  One day Abby stayed in her jammies all day, so when nighttime came, she proudly announced that she was "already dressed for bed!"  The mud on her PJ's impelled me to protest to her wearing them to her clean bed.  The excitement in her eyes impelled me to keep my mouth shut.  (Though I did insist on her putting clean clothes on the next morning.  I do have some morals.)

Grace reading to her sisters

Watching a "scary" show (i can tell by Abby's covered ears and panicked eyes)
We played in the backyard for hours on end.  Thank heavens for all that shade this hot, hot summer!

DIY diapers out of plastic bags

  • James loved having his sisters around full-time.  Almost as much as I did.  He also loved his daily baths.  The kid was always covered in grime.  He loves dirt, food, grass, smoothies--and he gladly smears all of the above all over the place--especially his clothes, hair and anyone passing by.  Our water bill nearly doubled this summer thanks to this guy!

  • We played dress ups and put on some Off-Broadway shows on our new stage!

James made a very cute "Princess Jenny" in the girls' plays
  • Reid's highlight of the summer was taking the kids to a driving range, followed by 18 holes of putt-putt.  He was hoping to see that one of them had some "natural talent" and showed signs of golfing greatness...but wasn't too surprised to see that, alas, they get their golfing skills from me. 

  • We took the pedals off of Grace's and Abby's bikes, and within 10 minutes both girls could balance on two wheels!  Reid put the pedals back on, and in less than an hour, they were both pros!  

Even this guy!

  • Reid really has taken up biking this summer.  My brother, Nathan, gave him his old bike and Reid's starting biking into work once or twice a week.  He even got us all to go on a big 4-mile family bike ride.  But, since we don't own a bike for me, or a trailer, i just jogged the first 2 miles with Eliza and James in the stroller, and Reid jogged on the way back.  No pictures, sadly.  But definitely a blog-worthy memory.

  • We celebrated the 4th of July (my 34th b-day!!) with a parade in the morning, and having a bunch of friends over for a BBQ that afternoon!  Their gift to me was staying in the backyard so I wouldn't have to clean my house.  

  • Summer had to end, and school had to begin.  Eliza started afternoon preschool two days a week--two glorious days a week wherein James and I either peacefully run errands or enjoy a quiet home.  We sent Grace off to 2nd grade--which was exciting and freaked me out (2nd grade?!?!).  But sending Abby to Kindergarten was oh, so bittersweet.  The morning of her first day of school was the longest morning of her life.  And when 12:15 finally came, I asked her how she was feeling--nervous? excited?  Very matter of factly she responded, "Mom, i've been waiting for this day for my whole life".    She was nothing but ready.  And I was nothing but soggy from the tears that started before we even left the house.  Cried like a baby, I did.  Bittersweet--Abby being the sweet.  Her being so grown up the bitter.  
Had I actually written this post 2 months ago when school started I'd be gushing about how wonderful our lazy summer days had been, and how much I'd loved having my girls around and how my days are now filled with an unwanted routine and too much homework (any being too much).  But now I'm used to it.  And so are they.  So I'll have to capture my overly-sappy feelings real-time next August.  For now, a few pictures of our first day of school 2012.


merathon said...

thanks for the re-cap... but hold the phone-- you went to hawaii? how did i not know that?

spideybrian said...

Adorable. Love your cute fam!! I'm freaking out about Isaak being in preschool...I'm nowhere near ready for him to go to kindergarden. AHHH!!