Monday, February 15, 2010

Disneyland Vacation--Day 1

Have you ever logged on to your google reader and seen this exact title and thought "Day one?!?! How far can she drag this out???"

Yeah, me too.

The answer is six. Yes, six. There's just too much information for one post--and this is coming from someone who happens to be really good at really long posts...

We had such a great time and there are so many memories I never want to forget--and a few i'd like to forget, but must blog about anyway. We've been home for about 9 days now, but Valentine's Day, potty training, play dates, and three kids have kinda taken the front burner. But now, as the snow boarding chicas are rocking the half-pipe, I'm making time for this!

The girls were great travelers. We flew in the middle of the day, which was great! Eliza napped on the plane, the girls ears were fine (although mine wouldn't pop and i wanted to puncture a hole in the side of my head and scream at the top of my lungs!! ouch!!) and we had a whole row (six seats) to our family, which was so nice!!

Waiting in line for the skycap

We arrived to our hotel in time to order some food, go swimming...

jump on the hotel beds. The girls found out the hard way that these were sleep number beds, defaulted to the firmest setting. But that didn't keep them from jumping back and forth, running around the whole suite, and just loving being there. Why is it that kids love hotels??

I'll tell you why we loved this hotel--the food at the on-site restaurant was delicous and affordable, their breakfast was enormous and yum, the suites had a door that CLOSED between the bedrooms and the living area, the living area was big enough to have 9 adults over for late night catching-ups, the shuttle to and from disneyland was free, the pool was awesome, and our bedroom had a view of the Midieval Times restaurant next door.

Our friends, the Hulls, got in just a few hours after us. Once they got settled in Candace and I went to the grocery store and got sandwich makings, fruit, veggies, and snack foods. We came back and gabbed until the wee hours, just like we used to back in our Boston days. (The Gardeners decided to stay at the disney hotel, and the Alexanders didn't get there until the next night.)
As great as the sleeping situation was, I still didn't sleep well that night(or any other, for that matter). I was too excited! Remember, this wasn't just the girls' first time, it was mine, too! And, it didn't help that I was in the bed with Abby, who happens to be the worst sleeping partner in the world (noted by the fact that at 1am Grace kicked her out and said "someone else sleep with Abby, she keeps kicking me.") Eliza didn't sleep well either. I'd suspected that maybe her cold was turning into something worse...but that's a story for day number two!


Boston Paynes said...

the suspense is killing me .... hurry and post about Day 2 !! Now I want to go to Disneyland.

Amber Carter said...

Can you tell me what hotel you were at? We had a horrible experience at the hotel we stayed in last time (leak in the ceiling over our bed, smelly air conditioning unit, aweful breakfast)!

Kristen Harmon said...

Hey Emily, quick question: which hotel did you stay at? We're planning a D-land trip & I'm lost in the vast sea of hotel options...