Thursday, August 14, 2008


A couple weeks ago Grace went to Vacation Bible School at a church just across the street from us. It was every morning from 9:30-Noon--and it was awesome! Although she screamed bloody murder every morning when i dropped her off (except for the last day) she really did have a great experience. I thought that with her best friend, Brae, there she'd be fine, but she still flipped out big-time--we're talking they had to call in "back-up" every time i left... But, she (of course) had tons of fun, and I got a MUCH needed break from my sweet 3 year old, and she got a break from her ornery mom! It was also so fun to have some Abby time. We even had a little play date with some kids Abby's age at a House of Bounce place. I can't say enough how good it was for all 3 of us to have this little break.

The whole week was focused on Jesus' miracles. She learned about Peter walking on the water, the blind man being healed and other Bible stories. Although we read from the scriptures here at home almost daily, I think it was really good for her to learn about those stories from other grown-ups, too. We're excited to do it again next summer!!

Grace's class, the "Microchips"

This photo was in the parents' slide show the last day.
A friend of mine was the photographer, so she sent me
this cute pic of my studious Grace.


Family of 5 said...

I guess if you are gonna live in Highlands Ranch, your kids have to go to VBS or they just won't fit in! Every kid on our street went, I should have sent my boys too! Grace is so darn cute, I love her hair!

The Busby Family said...

That's so great that you had her do this. I remember going to bible school when I was little with a friend of mine, it was so much fun.