Monday, January 14, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  The weather cooperated, the in-laws arrived, we cooked, we talked, we ate, we finished Sherlock, we played games, we mended fences and we got engaged!!!!!!  Well, not all of us, but these two did!

 Karen and Tommy (you can call him Tom if you'd like, but my kids already have TWO uncles named Tom, so we're sticking with Tommy) are getting married in May! We're so happy for them!  And though I'm not the sister who introduced these two lovebirds (Alisa gets the credit for that!) I did provide the cold, damp spider-infested basement that they got engaged in!!  I'll be sure to let their children know that every time they thank Aunt Alisa for their very existence.

Grandma making cookie turkeys with the kids
Reid spatch-cocking the bird (how's that for your Word of the Day?!)
Mike fixing our fence!  He and Reid worked miracles in the few days they were here, especially considering their constant "helpers" who refused to let them be.  
Reid made the pies this year!  Look at that beauty!  And the pie was good, too! 

Grandma got James an early Christmas gift.  He loves books and loves laps and loves Grandma!

The list of things I'm grateful for is long. It gets longer each year, too.  It's filled up with all of the wonderful people in my life who I'm lucky enough to call Family.  Friends take up another huge portion.  It's got a section dedicated to all the Comforts of Life that we never have to do without.  You'd better believe that Health is on it--in bold letters, and it's sandwiched between Epidurals and a Sense of Humor.  Go Fish, Junie B. Jones, NPR and Christmas Music make the list, too. I'm tellin' you, it's looooong!  But if you look closely at my list you'll see that in between every single line and every single word is He who gave His life for us, and who showed us how to live ours just a little better. Where we'd be without Him? I don't have a clue.

Hope all of your Thanksgivings were as joyous, engaging and full as ours!

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