Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

There are two types of people in the world--those who LOVE Halloween and those who don't.  After years of denial, I'm ready to admit that I have joined "those who don't." 

But the kids still dressed up.  And we still went trick-or-treating (AND trunk-or-treating!). And they still devoured all of their candy in one day.  And we did carve pumpkins (which was, by far, the highlight of the weekend!).  And we'll do it all again next year.   Maybe next year I'll take more pictures.  This year I took exactly two.

Grace wore a Poodle Skirt, Abby was Rapunzel, and Eliza was Erika from the Barbie movie "Princess and the Pauper"

James was a football.  I'll admit that seeing him in his costume melted my cold bah humbug heart just a bit  :)


merathon said...

i think you can get to like the holiday if you create your OWN traditions that you actually like! we had some neighbors over for soup before trick or treating together and it was so much fun!

LAURA said...

oh cute, james in that football costume warms my cold heart as well.

Blair & Kristen Heward said...

This kids look great in their costumes! What a bunch of cuties you have!