Friday, September 2, 2011

My (not so) little guy

Do you know what happens when you don't blog for 2+ months?

This tiny little thing

transforms into this adorable, loveable, kissable, squeezable chunk of a hunk!

James, following in the footsteps of his oldest two sisters, has chubbed up quite nicely.  He's nothing but rolls and chubs and I can't get enough of him!!!  He and Abby and Grace are tied for 1st place as my easiest babies (should i erase that someday before Eliza can read?).  There's something to be said about FAT and HAPPY babies (and Eliza was neither)!

He almost never fusses, he sleeps TONS--like three 2-3 hour naps and 10 hours at night--and he LOVES to sleep in his crib.  He falls asleep best if he's by himself in his crib.  This means not as much snuggly, cuddly, sweet baby rockin' time for this mama, but he makes up for it when he wakes up and nestles his face into my neck. 

He's content to kick it on the floor for 30+ minutes at a time. He eats 6-7 times a day, about 6 minutes each feeding.  He nurses almost exclusively, but takes a bottle if i'm not around (which has happened about, oh....once).  He wakes up at 5am to eat and goes right back to sleep until 8 or so.  I'm telling you--he's a dreeeeeam!!! 

As a newborn he had SERIOUS issues with his carseat.  I mean, one minute he'd be sound asleep and the next he'd be screaming bloody murder--clearly in intense pain.  My friend described it best when she said "it's like his car seat comes alive and starts stabbing him repeatedly."  Exaggeration?  Not even slightly.  It was intense!!  Thankfully he's outgrown whatever it was that was hurting him so badly and does just fine in the car seat now.

He smiles a ton--except for when the camera is in his face.  He coos, too.  Literally says "coo" over and over.  Who knew babies did this?  not me.  And he loves to be swaddled.  Thank heavens my friend, Laura, gave me 4 of the best swaddling blankets ever

The girls LOVE him.  They legitimately help out with him, too--by playing with him, holding him, giving him his binki, taking his right index finger out of his mouth, checking on him when he's napping (which i'm just as inexplicably neurotic about with this baby as i was the other three), washing his hair in the bath, rocking him to sleep in his car seat--i mean legitimately helpful!  It's awesome!

At his 2-month appointment he weighed 14lbs 5oz and was 24 inches long.  95th percentile for weight, 85th for height, and 75th for head (really?  i have a hard time believing that one).  He was miserable after his shots.  I've never had a baby react so poorly to vaccinations. It was heart-breaking, but by the next morning he was over it. 

And, in case you still don't believe that the first picture and the second picture are the same baby, here are about 38 photos of the "in between" to show you the newborn-to-chubbers-transformation.  Do you think 38 will cut it?  not entirely sure...

About 2 weeks old:
 sporting the one and only thing i've made for him

 wearing the p.j.'s my mom kept all these year. My little brother, Jared, wore these 30 years ago

 chillin' with dad

 more chillin' with dad

 love that little face!!

 This is how Abby "holds" James when the TV's on...
3 weeks old:

 My engine and caboose!

I took this picture with a blog post title in mind...something clever like "Just a few of my latest creations"  Get it?  the ottoman, the dresser, the baby...I'm so funny!

LOVE this pic of Abby and James!

James at the Cherry Creek beach in his "wave rider" outfit that you can't even see in this me, he was adorably appropriately dressed

4 weeks old:

This was back when he could sleep for hours in the middle of our loud and crazy front room.

still can't believe i have FOUR kids.  it's insane, it really is.
Love him in this plaid dress shirt...even if he does look a little drunk in this photo

James meets Aunt Julia

the cheeks! the cheeks!!
6 weeks old:

with Grandpa Ashworth

i really hesitated posting this picture.  I get sleepy just looking at myself here.  But it's one of about 2 pictures i have with James. plus i'm booty-tired about 90% of the time, so why pretend, right?
Can't get enough of either of these two
one of his first smiles...i think
7 Weeks old:

3-6 month hat that no longer fits

Grace "set up" James's bed this day--blanket, pillow pet, stuffed animals--she was very proud of her work

Eliza's the least interested in James, but even so she does love to hold him. 

This is one of 4 amazing onesies my sister-in-law made for James.  Under the owl it says "woot woot." I love these little "muscle shirts!"
2 Months Old

woops.  dunno how this one got in here

his belly cannot be contained by these 3-6 month jammies

no, i don't wear these glasses regularly now.  my girls found these and wanted me to wear them all day.  the world is a bit clearer with them on...
gives a whole new meaning to "double chin"

2 1/2 months old:
How can you NOT love that face!?
The whole crew


merathon said...

yes, he is absolutely adorable. and i am LOVING that last picture of the whole fam. you, especially, look gorgeous, Em. your hair is SO freakin long and silky! wish my hair could ever look that look good long-- it DON'T, which is why it's getting chopped tomorrow!

Shirlee said...

loved all 38 pictures. glad you are doing well and that he is such a good boy. i loved hearing your "voice" again in each caption. you're the best.

Elise said...

Oh he is so cherubic and squishy! I would have loved posts all along the way, but there is something fun about being able to see these pictures in one post. Kinda like time-lapse photography. Really wish we could have seen you guys this summer. You have such a beautiful family and Reid in those earrings adds just the right sparkle!

Rachel said...

first off, he is absolutely adorable. I just LOVE chunky babies. and HELLO? how'd you get so lucky to have such an easy baby?! 10 hours of sleep at night? seriously? holy cow. my big chunky baby wanted to eat every hour!

I love the family picture, and Grace is soooo grown up!

and wow. 4 babies. can't imagine that right now. you are awesome.

(and i loved the dress up picture you threw in there. that was funny)

keep the posts coming! i love to read em.

Kalie said...

GAHHH! I saw a cloth diaper in there!!!! :D I'm so incredibly jealous. We just had another night where in Tess and I spent about every 90 mins to two hours together. PLEASE tell me this is a teething thing! Also, we just got done with our 4Month appointment Wed and she is 14lbs 14oz. and 24in long (though we think the length is totally wrong). You should market your milk. Love the pictures!

Debbie said...

I LOVE the family photo at the end, too. What a good looking family! I'm so happy he is being a good baby for you. I have missed your posts (but understand)!!

Emily Alexander said...

James is adorable! And you look amazing too, Emily:) And your girls are getting more beautiful by the day. Those photos make me miss having a newborn.

MariLouise said...

"Caboose" Shmaboose! You'll be at it again before you know it. (Heh heh heh...)

spideybrian said...

LOVE the pics!!! Especially the one where Reid is sporting that very masculine blue jewelry...I'm sure Isaak would be happy to join him in that hobby sometime, as long as it's blue...

I now feel the need to update my blog, although, let's be honest, it probably won't happen today, or tomorrow....

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, that is one hunk of chunkiness. How adorable is he? Really Emm, he is a handsome one. Some people have all the luck with easy babies. One day I will have one. I am almost positive. But then again we might be done. I don't know. Don't ask me right now because I will for sure tell you we are done. We will see.
Looks like you have been busy. 4 children is insane. Ya, isn't that funny that we have just the opposite of each other? Boys are a lot of fun and we are discovering that girls are much more fun to dress. We absolutely adore her.
We have had fussy babies and yes, the 3-4 months is a blessed time when they begin to be content and happy babies. That is what I am waiting for. But I am also enjoying their fussiness too. It won't last long and I know sometime in the future I will wish to have it all back when they all grow up and start sassing you and when they talk back. It is no fun.
My Ellie loves to cuddle so taht is nice. I will talk that anyday. I love to just hold and rock her. We take many walks together. It has been really sweet.
Sure love ya and hope all is well.

Heather said...

Aww! I absolutely love it! You guys are such the cutest little family! I wish I was still in the ward to see him every week at church instead of, ohh, every 2 months!? I think we need to get together!

Candace said...

He has grown a ton since we saw him, he he! He is such a cutie. You guys don't look quite done with just 4 kids, you better keep on going =) I LOVE the picture of Reid(with earings, it's a good look for him)!

Candace said...

Also, Haven has been a really good baby too, I guess they have to be because we have too many kids to care for, right? Good luck!

Boss Lady said...

He is SOOOOO sweet! Wish I could nibble on those cheeks! You sure make cute babies missy!

Karen said...

ooooo I want to cuddle with him sooo much!! I miss you all and love you to pieces!

Liz said...

Oh Ashworth!! It's only taken me 3 months to comment and congratulate you on Sweet Baby James!!!! One day our boys will play together. Or maybe they'll end up roomies at the BYU. Or better yet, mission companions!

I love that we were both thinking of using the name Harry and that neither of us won. I tossed around James, but I would only use it if I could permanently change it to Jim, and it's against my naming religion to give a name that I know will always be shortened/nicknamed. But when I read Sweet Baby James, I realized James is such a cute name. I love it. Perfect for you growing clan.

How sweet and chubby little baby James is!!! You and Reid make beautiful babies!!

Love you! What I would give to hear you laugh. I hope our paths cross again one day!!!

Boss Lady said...

I had to revisit this again just to see how yummy he is. My baby is still 15 lbs.-thought you might get a kick out of that. P.S. I am cloth diapering too! Miss my little granola buddy!