Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christmas 2010-Part II

Remember almost four months ago when it was Christmas?  yeah, neither do it.  Which stinks 'cause there were a lot of fun things we did at Reid's family's house, but they're all long-gone in my pregnancy-induced amnesic mind.  Maybe this will teach me a lesson about putting off blogging....but probably not.

Although i remember shockingly little, what i DO know is that every time we go there--this Christmas included-- i feel even more grateful to have married into his family.  They are wonderful people who make me want to be a better person, and especially a better mom.  I, of course, can't remember the why, but I do remember driving away from there and talking to Reid about the fact that his parents and siblings inspire me to be a better mom.  Who gets this lucky with in-laws?  honestly?!?!

The girls LOVE their Allred cousins/grandparents/aunts/uncles.  They love Grandma and Grandpa Allred's house.  And I love how happy they are when we're there.  I also love how many other people are around that make it feel like a mini-vacation from my full-time job.  And when we go in wintertime, my dear sweet husband doesn't golf 18 holes/day, which is nice, too :) (honey, you know i love and support you in your hobbies, right? i'm just sayin'...)

Christmas morning was wonderful.  I'm sure it was.  If it wasn't, then i'd probably actually remember it.  
 Luckily I took some pictures to prove that we were there, fun was had, gingerbread houses were made, and that we all had matching jammies.  


Candace said...

I love that we totally both had the same Christmas pjs for our kids. Katelyn hasn't worn them since Christmas because she said they make her look like an 'Elf.' I said 'I know, but I love them.' Love the update. Hope things are going well for you guys! Good luck with the pregnancy!

Candace said...

Also, I've gotten so many compliments on the hooter hider you made, because it is so big and actually covers EVERYTHING!!!