Monday, March 1, 2010

Valentine's Day

I've never really cared much about Valentine's Day. Reid and I don't usually give gifts, go out or do much to set that day apart. We're actually pretty lame. But Grace and Abby practically made us enjoy it this year. They were so excited that they got to make gifts for their friends, it was truly impossible not to get a little bit into the whole thing this year :)

I ran a few gift ideas by Grace, but when i told her about melting small crayons into a heart shaped tin, she yelled in delight, "does that mean that when they use it to draw on paper it will look like a rainbow???" She was sold on it immediately. And, as with most things, if Grace is on board, Abby is pleased-as-punch to follow.

And, since we didn't have time to do anything for Grace's teacher at Christmastime, we made her this little bouquet of chocolate-dipped strawberries....isn't it cute?? I was obviously pretty pleased with it...since i took the time to bust out the camera :) just don't look closely...there's strawberry juice dripping all over the ribbon

And since the girls got me so excited about the whole holiday, i decided that maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if i got reid a gift....a gift from his daughters...that I wouldn't let him take to his office 'cause i love it so much :) The girls stuck their fisted-hands in red paint and made these little hearts (thanks, Isa for the idea!!)


Amy Brown said...

Emily!! You are just too much! I love all of it! I seriously want to make those crayons and heart fist prints with the kids now... You SUPER MOM!!!

Emily Alexander said...

What fun ideas! I love it.

Adrie said...

SOOO cute! ALL of it!!!! I might copy some/or all of it...if I have time (or even remember) next year. I hope you don't mind :)

Family of 5 said...

Very cute. I will have to remember the crayon idea for the next holiday! The gift for Reid is great too.

Amber Carter said...

I am so not creative enough to think of something like this, but I LOVE to copy! :) These are so cute!

Candace said...

What a cute little idea with the hands for Reid, I may have to copy it sometime.
I love the crayon idea, my kids would love that.
Chocolate Strawberries are my fav, they look great.