Friday, January 22, 2010

The big reveal

I really only know of two people who are anxious to see these pictures and they're both related to me. But i'm sharing them here for the sake of all fellow kitchen re-doers. I can't tell you how many websites I searched through trying to find maybe, just maybe there's someone out there searching terms such as "Tropical Brown Granite" or "2 5/8 inch crown molding on cabinets" or "removing soffit in kitchen" or "travertine backsplash with subway tile accent" or "under-cabinet and over-cabinet lighting" and they're going to find this and be inspired...or un-inspired--either way!

I'm not really sure why i decided that 2 weeks before having my third child was a good time to start our little kitchen remodel. In my head i thought "if I don't do this now, it'll take until Christmas of '09 to to it." And you know what? it still did. The ceiling, countertops, lighting and backsplash were all done before the end of '08. But the finishing touches--crown molding, cabinet molding and trim, end angle/cabinet, and new appliances--well those didn't get done until last month!! And, if we're being totally honest, there are still a couple things that need to be painted and technically it's still not totally done.

But, I'm posting these pictures anyway. It could be another year before I paint the nail holes on the molding :)

Before we bought the house, the kitchen/dining room was blue:

We painted it green, and this is what it looked like for 2+ years:

Notice the lowered ceiling in the kitchen. Getting rid of it was the best thing we've ever to getting rid of the countertops that literally gave me a headache when I was pregnant with Abby.

While we still have "popcorn" ceilings in the rest of our house, we got rid of it in the dining room!! along with that lovely fan! Some lucky freecycler got it :)

DURING: (the only one i got!)

Isn't it amazing what a little top and bottom molding/trim can do for cabinets? I hated these cabinets when we first moved in...but they were good quality, in good shape, so I couldn't justify getting new ones--and now I'm really in love with them and am so glad I kept them!

I feel so spoiled every time I walk into my kitchen. It is perfect for me, and I don't ever ever want to leave it or our perfect little house!! But i really could use some help with decorating. What, if anything, should I put on top of my cupboards? and what should I put on my new shelves?

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Isa said...

Oh, I love reveals...

Yay for your new kitchen, the renovation must have been stressful!

.. And I love the French doors (haha, not related to the kitchen reveal I suppose, but I LOVE them!)

merathon said...

can't believe i wasn't one of the people you thought would want to see that-- i LOVE home project reveals! you guys did a fabulous job. how much of it did you do yourself? the one project we still have left in our kitchen is the backsplash and i'd love to save the money by doing it myself, but i'm just not sure if i can do it!

LOVE your range-- those double ones are so cool! also, wish i could say that i know we'll be in this house forever, but the odds of that are NOT good.

Denita said...

You should put plants, either fake or real, up above your cabinets. Greenery is the best thing to make your home feel "alive." And there are health benefits! Darn it, I should have told you I would give you that tip if you invited us over for dinner so we could see the new kitchen in person!! :-)

Steph Bowen said...

It looks awesome! The recessed lighting accentuates just how not-low your ceilings are. It looks so beautiful. Good job.

Just Us said...

Gorgeous!! I can't believe you started before you had a baby. hilarious. Love the granite! Beautiful color! The molding looks awesome, and the trim on the cupboards makes a huge difference! Love everything about it! I love the extra space from getting rid of the ceiling! Here are some ideas for a few extra touches: add some greenery on top the cabinets. And make a drapery for the kitchen window. I'm all about curtains - especially easy ones. Some panels would look great with your french doors too. I'm not sure what shelves you were referring to...

Jenny said...

Wow, the kitchen looks amazing! Very classy. Nice new oven too!

Melissa said...

Talk about Extreme Home Makeover. Can you come to my house? It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would love spending time in my kitchen if it looked like that too. I am sure cooking takes on a whole new meaning.
Yes, for the record I did fly to Utah the day you were married. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I am so glad you were my trainer. Of all the missionaries that could have been it, you were and everyone talked about you in the for so long after you left. I was trained by the best and because it, it started my mission out right. I learned so much from you. Thanks by the way for all you taught me! You were awesome!
I am sure you are just the best mom too. You always had it together and I am sure you still do. Love ya!

Gillian Brown said...


Karen said...

Emily, it looks incredible!! It turned out great, I love it!! Nice Job!

emilyaaa said...

oh dear. I fear that I might have led some to believe that Reid and i actually were involved in the remodeling. No, no, my dear friends. Reid hates home improvement projects like liberals hate glen beck.

so you might wonder what in the world took us 17 freaking months????

that is a good question.

Mostly it was Eliza. some Abby and some Grace, too.

Oh, and finding time and motivation to get to distant lumbar yards to pick up the molding & sheet stock, and small things of the sort...

but mostly it was Eliza. i'm telling you, she's a full-time job!

I did have to stain and polyeurthane all the wood. And reid (with some help from his brother) hung all the light fixtures. (he's over my shoulder telling me to type that part. i love him.)

but no, no...the rest was hired out--our way of stimulating the economy, i suppose

Stacey Mom said...

WOW, that looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in person.

The Busby Family said...

Wow Emily, you kitchen looks great! I'll never have a kitchen like that. Love it!!!! Can I come over?

Utah gal said...

how have I not scene this until now?! I LOVE it, and realize how much I didn't love your old kitchen in spades. this could be in Better Homes and Gardens, missy.

Utah gal said...

how do you spell seen?

Liz said...

Ashworth (I love calling you that), your kitchen is stunning!! I love the backsplash and the new lighting. Gorgeous!

I have no real suggestions for what to put on top of your cabinets. I would for sure hang party garland, but that's just me!

Also, just a suggestion, you could add hardware - handles or knobs - on your cabinet doors. Just a little finishing touch because this project didn't take you long enough!

Great job Ashworth!!