Friday, May 15, 2009

Easter weekend

I just realized that i never published this post about Easter. I think i was waiting for pics of the girls in their matching dresses...but that still hasn't happened. Pictures of ANY kind are hard to come by in this home....maybe this weekend it'll happen :) Anyway, this is old news, but here's our Easter weekend.
We had such a fun Easter weekend with my dad, sister and brother. My girls were so excited to have visitors, and they warmed right up--well, not Eliza--she screamed lots every time she'd see a face that wasn't mine, but Abby and Grace just LOVED all the attention and fun we had. Here's Grace just LOVING having Grandpa in the back with her (thanks, Grandpa, for squeezing between those massive car seats!!)
Apart from eating TONS of good food, playing games, spoiling the girls with too much attention (nathan!) and watching a couple movies, we also got out a bit. We spent Friday afternoon up in Boulder, one of my favorite places in Colorado (it's a total hippie town and i LOVE it!)

My brother caught me talking about how great it would be to live in Boulder and never have to shave again...

and then we ate the BEST Middle Eastern Food in ALL OF DENVER at Damascus--seriously, i can't imagine ANYBODY not liking the food there!!!

We spent most of Saturday doing Easter stuff--dying eggs, filling eggs, finding eggs, opening eggs, eating eggs, eggcetera. Grace was so into the whole dying thing--it was so fun! We dipped them in oil first--in an attempt to get a "marbled" look. Julia's and mine were kinda lame--but Grace, who just dipped and dipped and dipped got the best looking ones---and she was so proud of herself! She's getting to be so much fun to do crafty things with--i love it!

We then hid all the plastic eggs around our backyard. By "hid" i mean put them on the grass in plain sight for Abby, and put them against the fence or in our retaining wall for Grace. (these girls are definitely related to their parents--terrible at finding things!) The girls had a blast finding them, but had a hard time staying focused when some of the eggs started opening up in their baskets. We would have let them take their time and snack along the hunt, but it was about 10 degrees outside, so we were rushing them on their way.

Of course i couldn't' just fill their eggs with lame candy--so i bought things that they don't get to eat very often that they just LOVED--chocolate fishies, teddy grahams, fruit snacks, Lucky Charms--you know, the stuff all you fun moms give your kids regularly :) (i know, i know, my kids are completely deprived and have no chance at growing up to be normal citizens, but that's just the way the cookie--or in our case, the whole wheat cracker--crumbles:))

Here are the girls in their matching Easter jammies. This isn't a tradition in our family...yet. Maybe if Target has cute p.j.'s on clearance again this year it'll become one!

We spent Sunday going to church, getting peeps to the airport, and having a little Family Night about Easter and why it means so much to us. It was a perfect Easter weekend. It's always so fun to have family around. I don't know why we live so far from them!! When we were in Boston we felt like Denver was just around the corner from our families. But we're now realizing that both are a day's travel away, which is just too far!! Abby just cried and cried when we dropped everyone off at the airport. It made her feel better knowing that Grandpa would be back just two weeks later with Grandma... in fact, that kinda helped me fight back the tears, too!!

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Denita said...

That's reason enough for me to move to Boulder!! Shaving sucks! I think our husbands would even agree.

Reid said...

It was a fun Easter. I love you girls. Wish I were with you right now rather than stuck in an airport.

merathon said...

of course i am right there with you on the eggs-- we had some annie's whole wheat bunny crackers in some of ours' too! (bunny crackers are perfect for easter, right?)