Sunday, September 14, 2008

3 weeks with 3 girls--and we're still alive!!!

Has it really been three and a half weeks since Eliza was born? It feels like yesterday and like 4 months ago. It's been a crazy and awesome 3 weeks. Having Reid around has been better than i could have imagined, and i don't know how i'm going to survive come tomorrow morning!!!

Grace and Abby have become even better playmates than they were before. And they're both such good big sisters.

It took Abby a few days to figure out that there's more to "being soft" than just petting Eliza's head. She really didn't get that vigorously poking the buttons on Eliza's p.j.'s and squeezing her hand as hard as she could were the opposite of being soft. She also seemed to need a bit longer to clue into the fact that Eliza was here to stay than Grace did when Abby was born. But she's "adapted" really well, and doesn't seem to be having the "i hate my baby sister because she's taken all the attention away from me" syndrome going on...yet! She really is so sweet when she talks to Eliza, and is extremely concerned if ever the binki isn't in Eliza's mouth. And, like all moms of two (or more) know, she seems SOOOO insanely big to me, i can't believe that i used to carry her around!!!

Grace adores her baby sister. She loves to hold her, burp her, talk to her and kiss her...until she cries, and then Grace is happy to give her back and play with her other little sister. Reid's being here has been awesome for Grace, too. Instead of watching a movie while Abby and i nap, she goes out and does fun things with her dad. And Reid's been so good at getting both of the girls out and doing fun things--museums, parks, swimming pools, the library, etc. He even took Grace to see her first movie in a theater-- Wall-e--which they both loved! She's so sweet to Abby, and so much help with her I can't even begin to write it all down. She's just growing up so much, and so quickly. I can't even count all the times in the day that i feel so proud of her for something new she's done or said. In fact, the other day, after cleaning up her toys she exclaimed "i'm so proud of myself!"--she must be hearing me say that lots lately, cause that's a new phrase for her.

And as for Eliza, she's perfect, she's adorable, she's a total snuggler, she's a great eater, she takes a binki, she sleeps tons, BUT she's a bit of a fuss pot! I'm not sure i can use the term "colicky" because it's not non stop, but it's way more than my other two. It's worse in the evenings, and after she eats. We've definitely figured out that she's allregic to dairy in my diet--which is a PAIN to elminate. it's not just a matter of not drinking milk or eating cheese--dairy is EVERYWHERE , hidden in EVERYTHING! (many of you out there have felt my pain!) So, i've cut it out of my diet, but there are other things that bother her, too. We're just still figuring it all out (any advice from moms out there who've had colicky babies would be greatly appreciated!!!), meanwhile i'm surviving on Twizzlers and Tofuti Cuties (thanks, Gillian!!)

But even with her fussiness she's completely won us all over. All it takes is for her to wrap her tiny hand around any of our fingers and we all light up like kids in a candy shop. Having 3 kids really is madness. it's crazier than anyone could have warned me. It's more than 3 times the work of two, honestly. And i'm sure that it's only going to get harder, since Eliza sleeps so much of the day right now....but i keep remembering what a lady from my church told me the other day when she brought dinner to us. She said that she NEVER rushed this stage of life. Her kids are all grown now, and she said she's so glad that she never wished for the toddler age to pass quickly. I realized that i wish for that ALL TOO OFTEN--perhaps daily...or hourly. And i don't know WHY i'm wishing this time to pass. So, I've made a conscious goal to stop waiting for a future that's most definitely going to be way harder than this, and to start really enjoying every moment with these sweet little angels who depend on me, who need me, and who think i am the greatest thing in the world (besides their dad, of course). Of course, this is all sweet and easy to say right now after 3 weeks of having Reid around. The real test is if i can enjoy them tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that...if we make it that far :)

My sweet Ziza
(that's what Abby calls her, and I can't help but call her that, too, sometimes)

So, tomorrow's a big day--a first of many--Wish us luck!!!

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that i'm insanely spoiled having had super-dad Reid around this long and i I REALLY don't know what i would have done without him!!! :)


Em Russ said...

love the cute family pictures!! What great advice too! I sometimes think about how 10 years from now I am going to miss my little ones.

As for the "colic" or whatever, my Pedi's advice when my Abby was having such problems was "try pasta with salt for flavor" (while nursing twins... yeah, RIGHT!!) Gripe water seemed to help a little bit for us though. I think Abby's problem was actually personality though. She's just a stubborn little stinker!

P.S. Isn't there milk in Twizzers? ;) and p.p.s. I miss you guys!

wilfordfamily2003 said...

Okay, you two make the cutest little girls. They are getting so big. Very glad to hear you are "still alive!" It gives us hope. We are anxious about our addition and the changes it will create, and unfortunately, this baby is coming right before finals, so no help from me. ;) okay, maybe a little.

We are happy for you and they are all beautiful. I totally think we need to do Mormon arranged marriages. Chase and Abby would be great together. ;)

Anyway, good luck this week, Emily with handling it alone, and Reid in going back to work after the nice long vaccation.

Team Millward said...

Love, love, love the picture of Eliza on the chair! That is adorable. Now remember, we are around too so call when you need something, and I will be calling you too........lots.

Brownie said...

Oh my gosh! The last picture of Eliza asleep on the rocking chair... SO CUTE!! Wish we were there :) And you've inspired me to have a third. Maybe.

Jessica Mason said...

Emily I am so happy for you. Wish I could come over and hold her for you. Love your guts and can't wait till I can see you again. Give that new baby a kiss from her Aunt Jess

Snyder Family said...

What sweet kids! They are so cute! I loved all the pictures. As for the "colic" stage, my oldest Keaton was coliky. I tried Mylcon and Gripe water but those never worked. We just endured it. It was really hard and I hope that I don't have any more. I wish I were more of a help. Someone told me to get an old banana and mix it with water until it is pretty liquidy and then spoon feed them or put it in a bottle. I am not 100% sure but it was something along those lines. I will let you know. I will find that out for you.

The David and Caroline Welsh Family said...

Emily and Reid, Oh you make good babies together! Just keep them coming. I am in love with the pic of Ziza on the towel and chair. She is so beautiful. I wish you lived closer so I could kiss you grils and play with them. I miss you! I love you! Carrie Jane

Kristina said...

YOU are a superwoman! Please tell me how you do it because I'm just getting the hang of 2 kids after a year. You are such a hottie too! :) You guys all look so cute. I hope to see you sometime soon. We're itching to make a trip to CO soon.

merathon said...

i had to cut out dairy with berks and just the other day, it finally dawned on me that i need to do it this time as well. too many blowouts lately and a lot of grunting! the actual milk part is not hard for me to give up since i had already switched to soy cheese and milk for my kids and i, but it's the things like my cheese flavored rice cakes that i'm missing! (oh, and chocolate chips!)

i wish i knew when it got easier too. this three kids thing is pretty much rockin my world as well... hang in there, babe! just know you're not alone!

Family of 5 said...

So how was your first day going solo with the three kids? I'm sure you managed it just fine and found a way to start making amazing Halloween Costumes too. I love the nickname "ziza" so cute. Hey, tell Amber hello from me, and get her to start a blog!

Elise said...

What fun pictures! And I love your new updated family picture. I am sure that you will rise to the occasion to being a mom to 3. Good Luck, though you've been by yourself all week it looks like, so continued luck to you! You're doing great!

Utah gal said...

thanks for the pics, I will have to share with the family! Hang in there, kid, I coming to save you:)

theultimatemama said...

you are so awesome-always smiling (except for that time you got stung by a bee. oh and that time you went down the slide at monkey business..................)